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Top 10 Ngo’s In Bidar, Karnataka

It is by the sheer grit and determination of a few people who stand together to save this society from disaster and destruction. Non-governmental organisations or Ngo’s are independent from the government focusing on benefitting and uplifting the society from its current state. These bodies mostly work on donations and their range can widely vary from women empowerment, child safety, emergency relief, education, healthcare, environment and the list goes on. They are spread across India and Impaac respects and appreciates their commitment to work towards the wellbeing of the society without the thought of personal or material gain. These concurrent blogs would be encompassing a series or list of Ngo’s that work independently in various cities this blog being about Bidar, Karnataka.

Crowdfunding-Benefits-Impaac-Foundation-non-profit-Karnataka-Bidar-ReshineOrganisation-SahyogOrganisation-SurbhiNgoWelfareOrganisation-DonBoscoTechSkillingIndia-SatyamShivamSundaramRuralDevelopmentAssociation-Unnati Organisation-BIOMAPOrganisation-NirmanBharathi-SamskrutiDevelopmentCentre-MytriMahilaDevelopmentSociety

Reshine Organisation

Reshine Organisation in Bidar, Karnataka is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that works for the socio-economic development of the rural communities in Bidar district. The organization works on issues such as health, education, water and sanitation, natural resources management, sustainable livelihoods, gender and social justice, and local governance. It also provides training and capacity building of rural community members to enable them to take up activities related to their development and to make them self-reliant. The organisation has successfully implemented several programmes in the region, including the provision of hygiene and sanitation facilities, water harvesting, health camps, and capacity building of farmers. Reshine Organisation is committed to providing sustainable solutions to the rural communities of Bidar district, and works in close collaboration with government and non-government organisations to ensure that the benefits of development reach the last mile.

Crowdfunding-Benefits-Impaac-Foundation-non-profit-Karnataka-Bidar-ReshineOrganisation-SahyogOrganisation-SurbhiNgoWelfareOrganisation-DonBoscoTechSkillingIndia-SatyamShivamSundaramRuralDevelopmentAssociation-Unnati Organisation-BIOMAPOrganisation-NirmanBharathi-SamskrutiDevelopmentCentre-MytriMahilaDevelopmentSociety

Sahyog Organisation

Sahyog Organisation in Bidar, Karnataka, is a non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged and underprivileged communities in Bidar. Sahyog Organisation runs a number of programmes in education, health, welfare, and other areas to help the disadvantaged and marginalised communities in the city. The organisation also organises various awareness programmes on topics such as health and nutrition, HIV/AIDS prevention, gender equality, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to empower the underprivileged communities. Sahyog Organisation works in partnership with local and international organisations, governments, and other non-profit organisations to achieve its mission to improve the lives of the people in Bidar.

Crowdfunding-Benefits-Impaac-Foundation-non-profit-Karnataka-Bidar-ReshineOrganisation-SahyogOrganisation-SurbhiNgoWelfareOrganisation-DonBoscoTechSkillingIndia-SatyamShivamSundaramRuralDevelopmentAssociation-Unnati Organisation-BIOMAPOrganisation-NirmanBharathi-SamskrutiDevelopmentCentre-MytriMahilaDevelopmentSociety

Surbhi Ngo Welfare Organisation

Surbhi Ngo Welfare Organisation in Bidar, Karnataka is a non-governmental organization that works to promote the welfare of the underprivileged sections of society. The organization works to provide educational, health and employment opportunities to the people of the area. It also aims to reduce poverty and create better economic opportunities for all. The organization has provided several projects in the area such as vocational training for women, health screening camps and educational scholarships for the children. The organization also works to create awareness about health and nutrition among the people. The organization has been successful in providing assistance to the needy and raising awareness about the issues of the underprivileged.

Crowdfunding-Benefits-Impaac-Foundation-non-profit-Karnataka-Bidar-ReshineOrganisation-SahyogOrganisation-SurbhiNgoWelfareOrganisation-DonBoscoTechSkillingIndia-SatyamShivamSundaramRuralDevelopmentAssociation-Unnati Organisation-BIOMAPOrganisation-NirmanBharathi-SamskrutiDevelopmentCentre-MytriMahilaDevelopmentSociety

Don Bosco Tech Skilling India

Don Bosco Tech Skilling India in Bidar, Karnataka is a vocational training institute run by the Don Bosco Society, Karnataka. It offers a variety of courses in different trades such as Fitter, Electrician, and Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, IT & Electronics, and Carpentry & Masonry. The courses are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to enter the job market. The institute also provides placement assistance to students. The institute has well-equipped laboratories and workshops that provide a hands-on experience to the students. The faculty is highly experienced in their respective trades and work with the students to develop the required skills. The institute also organizes various skill development programs and workshops to help the students gain more knowledge and experience in the vocational trade.

Crowdfunding-Benefits-Impaac-Foundation-non-profit-Karnataka-Bidar-ReshineOrganisation-SahyogOrganisation-SurbhiNgoWelfareOrganisation-DonBoscoTechSkillingIndia-SatyamShivamSundaramRuralDevelopmentAssociation-Unnati Organisation-BIOMAPOrganisation-NirmanBharathi-SamskrutiDevelopmentCentre-MytriMahilaDevelopmentSociety

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Rural Development Association

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Rural Development Association (SSSRDA) in Bidar, Karnataka, is a non-governmental organisation that works for the upliftment of rural communities in the district. With a mission to empower rural communities through awareness and access to education, economic opportunities and other basic facilities, the association works with the local government and other stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions for the region. It has implemented various projects such as providing educational support to poor children, promoting sustainable farming practices, providing healthcare facilities to people living in remote areas and creating livelihood opportunities for the rural poor. The organisation is also actively involved in advocating for the rights of marginalised communities, especially women and children. By providing access to quality education, economic opportunities and basic amenities, the association has been instrumental in improving the quality of life of the rural communities in Bidar.

Unnati Organisation

Unnati Organisation is a non-profit organization based in Bidar, Karnataka, India. They focus on providing educational and economic opportunities to marginalized communities in Bidar and its surrounding villages. The organization works with students, farmers, and other marginalized communities to provide education and training, improve access to financial services, and create sustainable livelihoods. Unnati also engages in public advocacy and policy dialogue in order to shape the development agenda of the State of Karnataka and the country. Unnati strives to create an equitable and just society where everyone can access and benefit from education and economic opportunities.

BIOMAP Organisation

BIOMAP is an organisation based in Bidar, Karnataka that works to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the region. It works with local communities and organisations to develop and implement conservation and sustainable development strategies for the region. It also works to create awareness about the importance of biodiversity and its protection and to promote sustainable development of natural resources. BIOMAP works to build capacity of local communities and organisations by providing technical and financial support for their conservation and sustainable development initiatives. It also works to bridge the gap between the local communities and government agencies and other stakeholders involved in conservation and sustainable development activities in the region.

Nirman Bharathi

Nirman Bharathi Organisation in Bidar, Karnataka is a non-governmental organisation that works for the welfare of the rural and tribal communities of the region. The organisation works with the local communities to help them develop sustainable livelihoods and to promote their rights and entitlements. Nirman Bharathi works with the government, local and national level NGOs, CBOs, and civil society organisations to implement programmes for the socio-economic development of the rural communities. The organisation also works to promote education, environment conservation, health, and overall development of the rural population. The organisation focuses on the rights of the marginalised communities and also works to promote gender equality. Nirman Bharathi has been successful in empowering the rural and tribal communities in Bidar and other parts of Karnataka.

Samskruti Skill Development Centre

Samskruti Skill Development Centre Organisation in Bidar, Karnataka is a non-profit organisation that works to provide skill development and vocational training to young people in rural areas. The organisation is committed to providing quality education to all, regardless of gender, caste, or social background. They have a wide range of courses including tailoring, computer skills, and entrepreneurship. They focus on providing skills for a range of sectors such as agriculture, construction, and hospitality. They hold regular workshops, seminars, and training sessions to equip their students with the skills they need to succeed. Samskruti also provides support services such as counselling, career guidance, and job placement. Through their efforts, they are helping to bridge the gap between rural and urban development in Karnataka.

Mytri Mahila Development Society

Mytri Mahila Development Society in Bidar, Karnataka is an NGO that works towards the empowerment of women and girls in the region. Established in 2006, the organization focuses on providing access to education, health care, and livelihood opportunities to marginalized and vulnerable women and girls. Mytri Mahila Development Society also works to build awareness on social issues like gender-based violence, and provides support to victims of such violence. They are committed to creating an equitable and just society for all, and strive to ensure that no one is denied their basic rights and needs.

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