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Meet Save A Stray 

The silence of the sudden lockdown in March 2020, amplified the cries of hungry stray dogs on the streets of Noida. Our furry friends had no idea where the few friendly humans had vanished, and man’s best friend roamed the streets hungry, thirsty, lost and utterly hopeless. Charlie Chaplin once said that, ‘He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul.’ When I, Vidit Sharma, could no longer bear to hear the cries of hungry stray dogs on the streets of Noida, I decided to take matters into my own hands and founded ‘Save A Stray’ , an organization with the sole aim of feeding and taking care of our furry street friends so that they too may lead a life full of dignity and compassion. What began in 2014 with 35 dogs being fed increased exponentially after the lockdown and now we feed well over 3000 dogs daily, cooking approximately One Lakh meals a month! Save A Stray is not just about feeding our canine companions, we also provide medical assistance to injured and unwell dogs. While many injured dogs are administered on-site treatment, some critical cases are brought to our shelter, treated and nursed back to health before being taken back to their home turf. We have rented a shelter for some young puppies, aged and ailing dogs, and those that can’t fend for themselves on the street. The shelter presently has a capacity of comfortably housing 20 dogs. Team Save A Stray also helps municipal authorities in their sterilization program by identifying and picking healthy dogs, getting them neutered/spayed, and releasing them in their respective territories after they recover well from surgery. We at Save A Stray understand fully well the importance of balancing a noble cause with utmost and well-intended responsibility towards society as a whole. impaac-foundation-save-strays-impaac-idea-founation-impaac-ngo-impaac-charity-impaac-fundraising-impaac-crowdfunding-impaac-crowdfunding-platform-impaac-charity-platform-impaac-charity-impaac-tax-benefit-impaac-impaac-foundation-impaac-non-profit-impaac-free-crowdfunding-impaac-non-profit-crowdfunding-impaac-ngo-association-impaac-community-impaac-campaigns-impaac-donations-impaac-registeration-impaac-help-impaac-fundraising-platform-impaac-support-impaac-contact-us-impaac-80-g-certificate-impaac-team

What Do We Do?

We have a dedicated and compassionate crew of 8 who help in ensuring that whatever the weather might be, incessant rain, scorching heat or bitter cold food is delivered daily to the dogs. This food is delivered to various locations with the help of two vans and two E-rickshaws. We believe in feeding them healthy and nutritious food which consists of rice, soya, pulses, vegetables, eggs, milk and even readymade dog food. Since we are feeding thousands of dogs and the number keeps increasing daily, our monthly requirements are huge. Our monthly requirements are as follows :
  • 6000 kg rice
  • 200 kg daliya
  • 100 kg soya
  • 100 crates of eggs
  • 50 LPG cylinders

Our Vision

In the long run, we want to establish a cage-free shelter for stray dogs/cows/donkeys /Horses /bulls, along with a fully operational medical facility for stray animals. impaac-foundation-their-mission-they-have-also-finalized-a-2-acre-of-land-on-lease-in-out-skirts-of-the-city-and-want-to-run-a-free-ambulance-in-the-city-for-quick-medical-assistance

Our Mission

We have also finalized a 2 Acre of Land on lease in out-Skirts of the City and want to run a free ambulance in the city for quick medical assistance. impaac-foundation-save-strays-impaac-idea-founation-impaac-ngo-impaac-charity-impaac-fundraising-impaac-crowdfunding-impaac-crowdfunding-platform-impaac-charity-platform-impaac-charity-impaac-tax-benefit-impaac-impaac-foundation-impaac-non-profit-impaac-free-crowdfunding-impaac-non-profit-crowdfunding-impaac-ngo-association-impaac-community-impaac-campaigns-impaac-donations-impaac-registeration-impaac-help-impaac-fundraising-platform-impaac-support-impaac-contact-us-impaac-80-g-certificate-impaac-team

Come forward & Help!

Save strays has recently also acquired a water tanker to provide water for various animals. We want to start a cage-free shelter for not only dogs but all animals in need where we will be taken care of and get a chance to rehabilitate and lead a happy stress free life! Like every other not-for-profit organization, our major challenge has been obtaining sustainable funding. Since we are heavily dependent on donations from kind-hearted animal-lovers, it is not enough to continue the program because we spend close to Rs. 4 lakhs a month, and struggle to meet the expenses. As we turn 2 now, open your hearts and support our initiative to ensure every stray animal in Noida (and Delhi NCR) lives a free-spirited, dignified and healthy life