Dreamer Trust: Nourishing Lives, One Rupee at a Time

What does One Rupee Thali mean?

In the bustling markets of Siliguri, Mithu Chowdhury witnessed the struggles of those who couldn’t afford a plate of food. Formerly a helper in various roles, Mithu’s journey took a turn when he decided to address the pervasive issue of hunger in India.

one rupee thali

About Our Cause:

Mithu’s humble beginnings fueled a dream to make a difference. Covid-19 intensified his commitment as he saw the desperation of those going without food. Starting with free meals, Mithu encountered reluctance, prompting the birth of Dreamer Trust’s ONE RUPEE THALI project.

How Covid-19 Changed Everything:

The pandemic compelled Mithu to take action. Utilizing his savings, Dreamer Trust launched ONE RUPEE THALI, aiming to combat hunger and malnutrition. Mithu’s selfless approach ensures dignity, charging a symbolic Rs 1 to eliminate the stigma associated with free meals.

Making an Impact:

Dreamer Trust, supported by staff and volunteers, serves nutritious meals to various vulnerable groups, including slum children, the elderly, and abandoned women. Underprivileged students receive mid-day meals, fostering their focus on education. The Trust has expanded to provide food packets to neighboring areas.

Challenges Faced:

Despite the challenges, Mithu, with his team, continues the mission. The demand for meals has increased, and sustaining this generosity requires ongoing support.

How You Can Help:

Your support can make a significant impact. By contributing to Dreamer Trust, you assist in providing nutritious meals to those in need in West Bengal. Every rupee counts towards saving lives.

Join the Mission:

Founded by Mithu Chowdhury, Dreamer Trust is a beacon of hope in West Bengal. Join them in their mission to alleviate hunger and provide sustenance to those who need it the most.

Donate Now: Help Dreamer Trust Provide Nutritious Meals

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