10 Most FAQs


Q: Does Impaac Foundation charge any service charge?

A: Impaac Foundation charges 0% fees for all fundraisers/crowdfunding campaigns on its Fundraisers.

Q: Why should I trust the Impaac Foundation ?

A: Impaac Foundation is one of its kind platforms, which brings in a new layer of trust and transparency in the donations made to social organisations by delivering necessities directly to them instead of giving money. We have added these unique features on our platform where transparency is given utmost importance.

Q: What are the causes supported by Impaac Foundation?
A: Most people use crowdfunding to raise money for themselves, for friends and family, for their favorite charity and for causes of national and/or social importance. These include crowdfunding for charities/NGOs, medical expenses of friends and family, education, volunteering and fellowships, neighborhood, emergencies, natural disasters, sports, documentaries, rural development, arts, and animal rescue projects to name a few. Here are the categories under which fundraisers can be started: 
  • Animals
  • Arts & Media
  • Children
  • Community
  • Education
  • Elderly
  • Emergencies
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Medical
  • Memorials
  • Others
  • Rural Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Women 

 and so on..

In order to maintain the neutrality of our platform and to ensure that we remain unbiased, we do not host fundraisers that pertain to religious or political activity. Additionally, we do not support causes relating to personal loans, home loans, financial debts, or business causes.

 Q: How Can I Withdraw Funds From My Fundraiser?

A: You can withdraw funds from your fundraiser by visiting your dashboard or through your mobile app. You must add your bank account details as well as verifying documents for your request to get approved.

Q: How do I get in touch with Impaac Foundation?

A: Click on the Contact Us icon on www.impaac.org page to send us an email or find out more about Impaac Foundation. We are also reachable over the phone by dialing the number or whatsapp @+91-947831111. Send us an email at connect@blog.impaac.org. We promise to respond as soon as possible.

Q: How Will My Donation Reach The Person In Need?

A: We understand your concerns about the utilisation of funds. To ensure that any amount you donate is not misutilised we follow an airtight process of fund transfers. Donations are collected in a virtual account and when the campaigner requests for a fund transfer, we transfer it to the hospital’s account in case of medical causes and in verified organisational accounts in case of NGO causes. Campaigners are encouraged to add updates to their fundraiser and our team also follows up with most of them for regular and timely updates. Updates can be found on their fundraiser page and will also be communicated to you to your registered email.

Q: Can I donate second hand/used products ?

A: Impaac Foundation is a platform that only raises new and durable products. We only list high quality products for different campaigns on our website. There are other avenues through which second hand products can be delivered to the NGO’s.

Q: I made a payment but did not receive a payment receipt?

A: Payment receipts can be downloaded by logging into your Impaac Foundation’s account and then clicking on ‘Dashboard’. All payment receipts can be found on the dashboard. In case you cannot find the payment receipt in your dashboard, please reach out to connect@blog.impaac.org or drop us a message on WhatsApp at +91-9478311111 with the following details-

Screenshot of the payment

・Donor’s name

・Donor’s email ID

・Donor’s phone number (optional)

・Fundraiser link to which the donation was made

Our support staff will track your payment and share the payment receipt with you if your payment was successful. 

Q: Can I donate products offline visiting the NGO ?

A: Impaac Foundation believes in need based donation and lists down the quantity of products that the organisations are in need of at that particular time. If any donations are made offline we can’t track those details and the NGO will end up getting products which they would have already received from the Impaac Foundation. So we suggest donating products on Impaac Foundation and later visit the organisation once these are delivered.

Q: How Can I Make An Anonymous Donation?

A: You will be given an option to contribute anonymously before you submit your transaction details. If you missed out on marking yourself as anonymous while making the donation, please write to connect@blog.impaac.org to get assistance.