“Support Our Community Dogs: Paws for Change”

In a world of boundless compassion, individuals like Avnika dedicate time and effort to make a difference in the lives of voiceless beings. Avnika, driven by a passion for animals, is on a mission to support community dogs in need. Join us in this heartwarming initiative to contribute to the well-being of our furry friends.

In the bustling chaos of Bhajanpura, a quiet hero emerged on the night of September 11th. Ritik, a compassionate soul, spotted Bhola—a frail, wounded dog with an open skull and every bone exposed. Without hesitation, Ritik stepped in, rescuing Bhola from the harsh reality of the streets.

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Bhola’s Plight:

Bhola’s journey didn’t end with his rescue; it marked the beginning of a challenging road to recovery. Swiftly taken to a medical facility, Bhola’s dire condition was evident with a haemoglobin level of just 8. Despite the odds, Bhola now receives intensive care, undergoing treatment for his wounds and other ailments. His path to recovery spans over 30 days, a journey we are committed to supporting.

Urgent Call for Support:

At this critical juncture, there is an urgent need to raise Rs. 25k to cover Bhola’s tests, treatment, and stay. Each contribution plays a vital role in Bhola’s healing, representing just one of the many community dogs in our care in Karkardooma and CBD Ground Shahdara.

The Community Dogs:

Since March 2020, caretakers have been dedicated to providing these community dogs with a single, nutritious meal each day. The well-being of these dogs hinges on this support, and your contribution extends beyond Bhola, sustaining an entire community of dogs reliant on our care.

Supporting Our Cause:

To understand the breadth of our efforts, explore our impactful initiatives for cows in crisis in Krishangarh through the link [here] and our Diwali of Giving Campaign through this [link]. Your support doesn’t only help Bhola and the community dogs but contributes to a broader mission of compassion.

How One Can Make a Difference:

Every contribution, regardless of size, contributes to Bhola’s recovery and the overall well-being of the community dogs. The donation link [here] serves as a gateway to be a part of this inspiring journey. Sharing this page with friends and family amplifies the impact, turning individual contributions into a collective force for good.

Discovering Our Work:

To delve deeper into the impactful work undertaken, explore the Instagram profile [here]. The stories shared on this platform illuminate the resilience and spirit of the animals under our care.

End Note:

Bhola’s story is one of resilience, hope, and the power of collective compassion. At this pivotal moment, everyone is invited to become a part of Bhola’s healing journey and the ongoing care of our community dogs. Generosity transforms individual lives and contributes to the creation of a more compassionate world—a world where every dog, like Bhola, has the opportunity to experience love and care.

Blessings from the dog to all those who lend a helping hand!


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