Bridging The Gap Between Rural And Urban Settlement

Urban and rural settlements have a lot of clear differences and complexities of their own. Many of us are not quite accepting of the opposite or the other side of the coin, hence this article hopes to divert your attention towards the same. Urban dwellers might come off as rude and unaccepting towards village dwellers while rural dwellers might come off as backward and unappreciative of the new technologies and inventions to the city people. These drive a wedge between the two civilities and stop them from progressing towards the better. It is important to educate both of these civilities about each other and how they can lend a helping hand so that everyone gets to have an equal say and place in this world.


What do we learn from each other and How can this knowledge be utilised
People in rural settlements are mostly engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy, forestry and related activities while people in urban settlements are mostly involved in secondary and tertiary activities to sustain themselves. Rural and urban communities are tied together economically, socially and environmentally. It is important that people of both diversities accept and learn about the usage and advantages of the same. Students should be taken to both rural and urban immersions so that the children get to know and experience both of these vividly different cultures. While we should not totally disregard all of our cultures and traditions associated with rural settlements, we should also accept the new technologies and innovations that make our life a lot easier.


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