The Power of Community: Crowdfunding Secures Lifesaving Injection for Hridyansh, a Young SMA Patient


In a remarkable demonstration of community spirit and the power of collective action, a crowdfunding campaign has successfully raised ₹17.5 crore to secure a Zolgensma injection for Hridyansh, a young child from Rajasthan diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2. This heartwarming story underscores the potential of crowdfunding to bridge financial gaps in healthcare and bring hope to families facing insurmountable challenges.

Hridyansh’s Journey and the Challenge of SMA

Hridyansh, a bright and energetic young boy, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2, a rare and debilitating genetic disorder. SMA affects the motor neurons in the spinal cord, leading to progressive muscle weakness and atrophy. SMA Type 2 typically manifests in children between six and eighteen months old, severely impairing their ability to stand or walk independently. The progression of the disease can drastically affect the quality of life and longevity of affected individuals, making early and effective intervention critical.

The treatment that offers a glimmer of hope to SMA patients like Hridyansh is Zolgensma, a groundbreaking gene therapy. Zolgensma works by delivering a functional copy of the SMN1 gene to the patient’s motor neurons, effectively addressing the root cause of SMA. This one-time treatment has shown remarkable efficacy in halting the progression of the disease, allowing children to achieve developmental milestones previously thought impossible. However, the cost of Zolgensma, approximately ₹17.5 crore, poses a formidable barrier for most families. This is where the power of crowdfunding and community support becomes a lifeline.

The Crowdfunding Campaign: A Beacon of Hope

In an inspiring show of solidarity, various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), philanthropists, and countless individual donors came together to support Hridyansh’s cause. Spearheaded by dedicated campaigners, the crowdfunding initiative harnessed the power of social media and digital platforms to reach a wide audience, effectively telling Hridyansh’s story and rallying support.

sood charity foundation
sood charity foundation

The Role of Sonu Sood and Other Key Contributors

Among the notable contributors to Hridyansh’s campaign was actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood. Known for his humanitarian efforts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sood’s involvement brought significant attention and credibility to the cause. His social media presence and influence were instrumental in amplifying the campaign’s reach, encouraging more people to contribute and share Hridyansh’s story.

Sonu Sood’s endorsement went beyond just a monetary contribution. By leveraging his platform, he mobilized his extensive network of followers, fans, and fellow celebrities to rally around Hridyansh’s cause. His heartfelt appeals and regular updates kept the momentum alive, ensuring sustained engagement from the public.

Alongside Sood, several other celebrities, influencers, and public figures lent their support to the campaign. Their combined efforts created a ripple effect, attracting media coverage and bringing the campaign to the forefront of public consciousness. The involvement of these high-profile individuals demonstrated the profound impact that influential figures can have on social causes, particularly in mobilizing resources and generating widespread awareness.

The Role of NGOs and Digital Platforms

The successful fundraising effort for Hridyansh highlights the crucial role that NGOs and digital platforms play in modern healthcare fundraising. NGOs provided the organizational backbone, ensuring transparency, credibility, and effective utilization of funds. Their involvement was instrumental in gaining the trust of potential donors, which is paramount in large-scale crowdfunding campaigns.

Digital platforms, on the other hand, amplified the reach of the campaign. Social media networks, crowdfunding websites, and online payment gateways facilitated seamless contributions from donors worldwide. The viral nature of digital content ensured that Hridyansh’s story reached a vast audience, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. Platforms like Ketto, Milaap, and GoFundMe have revolutionized the way we approach fundraising, making it easier than ever for people to contribute to causes they care about.

A Brighter Future for Hridyansh and Other SMA Patients

With the funds secured, Hridyansh is now set to receive the Zolgensma injection, offering him a chance at a healthier, more independent future. This success story is not just a victory for Hridyansh and his family but also a testament to the power of collective action and the potential of crowdfunding to overcome financial barriers in critical healthcare scenarios.

The impact of this campaign extends beyond Hridyansh’s personal journey. It sets a powerful precedent for other families facing similar challenges, demonstrating that with concerted effort and community support, even the most formidable obstacles can be surmounted. This case also highlights the pressing need for systemic changes in healthcare funding and accessibility, advocating for policies that can make life-saving treatments more affordable and accessible to all.

The Broader Implications: A Call for Systemic Change

Hridyansh’s story is a powerful reminder of the disparities in access to advanced medical treatments. While crowdfunding provided a solution in this instance, it is not a sustainable or scalable approach for addressing widespread healthcare needs. This case underscores the urgent need for policy changes and healthcare reforms that can make treatments like Zolgensma more accessible and affordable for all patients, regardless of their financial background.

Pharmaceutical companies, governments, and healthcare providers must work together to find ways to reduce the costs of life-saving medications and treatments. This could involve negotiating better prices, providing subsidies, or implementing insurance schemes that cover high-cost treatments. Additionally, increased funding for research and development can lead to more breakthroughs and alternative therapies that are cost-effective and widely available.


The successful crowdfunding campaign for Hridyansh’s Zolgensma injection is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved when communities unite for a common cause. It showcases the transformative potential of digital platforms in healthcare fundraising and underscores the importance of NGO involvement in ensuring accountability and trust. As Hridyansh embarks on a path to recovery, his story continues to inspire and offers hope to countless others battling similar life-threatening conditions.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, let us also advocate for systemic changes that can make such victories more common and accessible to all. Hridyansh’s journey is a testament to the power of community, compassion, and collective action, reminding us that together, we can overcome even the most daunting challenges.

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