Top 10 NGOs in India – Leading Charitable Impact

Top 10 NGOs in India

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top 10 NGOs in India that are making a significant charitable impact across the country. These leading organizations have dedicated themselves to addressing social and environmental issues, improving lives, and creating positive change in communities.

India, with its diverse population and varied socio-economic challenges, relies heavily on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to tackle pressing issues such as poverty, healthcare, education, gender inequality, and environmental sustainability. These tireless organizations work towards uplifting the disadvantaged and creating a more inclusive society.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 NGOs in India and their remarkable efforts towards improving lives and making a difference. From empowering marginalized communities to providing critical healthcare services, these NGOs have become beacons of hope for countless individuals in need.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the top 10 NGOs in India that are leading the way in charitable impact.
  • Learn about their inspiring initiatives and impactful projects focused on social and environmental issues.
  • Understand the selection criteria used to identify these prominent NGOs.
  • Explore ways to contribute and support their noble causes through donations and volunteering.
  • Realize the transformative power of NGOs in addressing critical challenges and shaping a brighter future for India.

Introduction to NGOs in India

Non-Governmental Organizations, commonly known as NGOs, play a vital role in addressing social and environmental issues in India. These charitable organizations work tirelessly to uplift communities, provide essential services, and create a positive impact on society.

NGOs in India are driven by a mission to improve the lives of marginalized individuals and groups, focusing on areas such as education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, and poverty alleviation. They work in collaboration with government bodies, corporate entities, and local communities to bring about sustainable change.

One of the key strengths of NGOs in India is their ability to mobilize resources and implement grassroots initiatives. Through their dedicated efforts and innovative strategies, they strive to bridge the gaps in society and create a more inclusive and equitable nation.

The Role of NGOs in India

NGOs in India have emerged as powerful agents of change, contributing to the country’s development and social welfare. Some of the significant contributions of NGOs include:

  1. Providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children and promoting inclusive education.
  2. Advocating for women’s rights and empowerment, promoting gender equality and ending violence against women.
  3. Offering healthcare services, including preventive care, medical treatment, and awareness programs.
  4. Supporting sustainable agricultural practices and rural development.
  5. Undertaking environmental conservation initiatives and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  6. Addressing issues related to poverty, hunger, and homelessness through innovative solutions.
  7. Empowering communities through skill development, vocational training, and entrepreneurship programs.

The collective efforts of NGOs in India have made a significant impact on the lives of millions, fostering positive change and creating opportunities for individuals and communities in need.

“NGOs in India are the torchbearers of compassion, working tirelessly to transform lives and build a better future for all.” – Anonymous

Criteria for Selection

When selecting the top charitable organizations in India, several criteria were taken into consideration. These criteria ensure that the chosen NGOs have a significant impact, maintain transparency in their operations, and adhere to sustainable practices. The selection process aimed to identify NGOs that are making a tangible difference in the lives of people and communities in need.

  1. Impact: The selected NGOs have demonstrated a strong track record of creating positive change in their respective areas of focus. They have implemented impactful projects and initiatives that address key social and environmental challenges faced by communities in India.
  2. Transparency: Transparency is crucial in the charitable sector to build trust and foster accountability. The top NGOs in India are transparent in their financial reporting, ensuring that donations are used effectively and efficiently to maximize their impact.
  3. Sustainability: Sustainable practices are essential for NGOs to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of their initiatives. The selected organizations consider the long-term implications of their work and strive to create lasting solutions that empower individuals and communities.

By considering these selection criteria, we have identified the top charitable organizations in India that are dedicated to making a meaningful difference. In the following sections, we will explore the impactful work of each of these NGOs in more detail, highlighting their unique contributions to society.

NGO 1 – Prerana

Prerana NGO is a remarkable non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been making a significant impact in various domains. Let’s delve into its history, impact, and the visionary founder behind this noble initiative.

History and Founding:

  • Prerana was established in 1986 with a clear mission: to protect children vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in the red-light districts of Mumbai, India.
  • Founded by passionate individuals, Prerana has been unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding the rights and dignity of these vulnerable children.


  1. Education and Skill Development:
    • Prerana recognizes that education alone is not enough; employability skills are equally crucial. Thus, it provides a holistic approach by bridging the gap between education and employment.
    • The organization offers scholarships to students from challenging economic and social backgrounds, ensuring that economic difficulties do not hinder deserving students from pursuing education.
    • Beyond financial aid, Prerana imparts employability skills to prepare students for successful careers after their education.
    • Through counseling and support, Prerana ensures that students from underprivileged backgrounds stay engaged and motivated, preventing dropouts.
  2. Work-Readiness Training:
    • India faces a crisis in the area of “work-readiness” among graduates. Prerana addresses this by providing skills training to enhance graduates’ employability.
    • Industry experts and recruitment consultants collaborate with Prerana to conduct mock interviews and guide students toward successful careers.
  3. Protection and Advocacy:
    • Prerana works tirelessly to end intergenerational prostitution and protect women and children from the threats of human trafficking.
    • Their efforts include defending rights, providing a safe environment, supporting education and health, and leading major advocacy initiatives.
    • The organization strives to ensure optimum protection of children.

NGO 2 – Impaac

Impaac Foundation is India’s pioneering  non-profit charity platform being a NGO, dedicated to making a difference through giving. Let’s explore its mission, impact, and commitment to social causes:

About Impaac Foundation:

  • Impaac Foundation stands out as India’s only non-profit charity platform that connects reliable and authenticated NGOs and campaigns with compassionate donors.
  • Here are some key features that set Impaac apart:
    • 100% Reliable and Authenticated: Donors can trust that their contributions are channeled to genuine causes.
    • Tax Exemption Certificates: Impaac issues tax exemption certificates under Section 80G for donations.
    • Zero Charges: The platform is completely free for all social causes.
    • 24/7/365 Support: Impaac provides continuous support to campaigners and donors.

Areas of Impact:

  1. Education for All:
    • Impaac ensures access to quality education for every child.
    • It supports education initiatives aimed at providing quality education to underprivileged children and promoting literacy.
  2. Supporting Animal Welfare:
    • Impaac is passionate about safeguarding the lives and well-being of our furry friends.
    • It supports organizations that protect animals from cruelty, provide shelter, and promote overall animal welfare.
  3. Healthcare Access and Medical Research:
    • Impaac funds research to find cures and treatments for complicated diseases.
    • Its mission is to provide healthcare for those in need, delivering medical aid, vaccinations, and essential health services to vulnerable communities.
  4. Environmental Conservation:
    • Impaac works to protect the planet for future generations.
    • Initiatives include promoting sustainable practices, wildlife conservation, addressing environmental issues, and ecosystem restoration.
  5. Eradicating Poverty:
    • Impaac aims to break the cycle of poverty.
    • It provides access to basic needs such as food and clean water, empowering communities to thrive.
  6. Disaster and Emergency Relief:
    • Impaac acts as a lifeline during crises.
    • It provides immediate relief to those affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and emergencies.

Empower Change:

  • At Impaac, collective impact matters. Trusted campaigns redefine the future of charitable initiatives, touching the lives of many.
  • Join Impaac now and be part of a community committed to making a positive difference! 🌟

NGO 3 – Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation, established in 2002, is an Indian development organization that has touched the lives of over 15 lakh children and their families each year. With a presence in 25 states across India, Smile Foundation operates more than 400 projects focused on education, healthcare, livelihood, and women empowerment. Let’s explore its journey:

History and Founding:

  • Founded in 1986, Smile Foundation’s mission is to protect children vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in the red-light districts of Mumbai, India.
  • The organization was established by passionate individuals committed to safeguarding the rights and dignity of these vulnerable children.


  1. Education and Holistic Development:
    • Smile Foundation recognizes that education alone is insufficient. Hence, it provides a holistic approach by bridging the gap between education and employment.
    • Through scholarships, it ensures that economic difficulties do not hinder deserving students from pursuing education.
    • Beyond financial aid, Smile Foundation imparts employability skills, preparing students for successful careers.
    • Counseling and support prevent dropouts among students from underprivileged backgrounds.
  2. Empowering Grassroots:
    • Smile Foundation collaborates with community-based organizations, helping them become locally sustainable.
    • By empowering grassroots initiatives, it catalyzes positive change at the grassroots level.
  3. Healthcare and Disaster Response:
    • Smile Foundation takes healthcare services to the doorsteps of hard-to-reach communities.
    • In times of disaster, it reaches out and responds to the needs of affected people.

Campaigns for Social Change:

  • Tayyari Kal Ki: This campaign aims to train and upskill youth (aged 18-32) for employment, providing them with a secure livelihood.
  • Health Cannot Wait: Focused on accessible and quality healthcare for all, this campaign addresses the needs of underprivileged sections.
  • Shiksha Na Ruke: Helping children from difficult circumstances get back to school and restart their lives.
  • She Can Fly: Empowering girl children with quality education, proper nutrition, and good health.

NGO 4 – Teach For India

Teach For India (TFI), founded by Shaheen Mistri in 2009, is a non-profit organization that plays a pivotal role in transforming education in India. Let’s explore its mission, impact, and commitment to social change:

About Teach For India:

  • Teach For India is part of the Teach For All network, a global movement of independent organizations across 60 countries.
  • Their vision is powerful: “One day, all children will attain an excellent education.”
  • During the pandemic, when 300 million children in India were affected by school closures, the need for intervention became more urgent than ever 1.

The Fellowship:

  • The Teach For India Fellowship recruits college graduates and working professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years.
  • It’s not just about teaching; it’s about connecting far-reaching social change with invaluable personal development.
  • Fellows become part of a movement of 4,500+ individuals across India and countless more globally, who are lifelong partners in this work 1.


Join the Movement:

  • The Teach For India Fellowship empowers you to reimagine education while gaining invaluable teaching and leadership skills.
  • As a Fellow, you’ll join a vast network of like-minded educators, mentors, and alumni who become influential change agents and advocates for educational equity and social progress.

NGO 5 – Bal Raksha Bharat

Bal Raksha Bharat (Save the Children India), founded in 2004, is a remarkable non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to protecting child rights and transforming lives. Let’s delve into its mission, impact, and commitment to creating a brighter future for children across India:

Mission and Vision:

  • Bal Raksha Bharat believes in building a new “Bharat” where every child has equal opportunities, access to healthcare, wholesome nutrition, and protection from exploitation.
  • Their vision is to provide holistic care and support to children, ensuring a secure childhood that paves the way for a secure future.

Impact and Reach:

  • Over the last 15 years, Bal Raksha Bharat has positively impacted the lives of more than 1 crore (10 million) children.
  • In the year from April 2022 to March 2023, they reached out to over 13 lakh (1.3 million) children across 15 states and 3 Union Territories in India.
  • Their unwavering commitment continues to create a world where childhood is safer, fairer, healthier, and happier 1.

Programs and Initiatives:

  1. Education:
    • The ShikshaSeSashakt (Educate to Elevate) program ensures that no child lags behind in learning.
    • Bal Raksha Bharat believes that education should never stop, even during challenging times.
  2. Health and Nutrition:
    • They work tirelessly to provide healthcare services, vaccinations, and essential health support to vulnerable communities.
    • The organization understands that healthy children are better equipped to build a secure future.
  3. Protection and Inclusion:
    • Bal Raksha Bharat advocates for the rights of children, protecting them from exploitation and abuse.
    • They empower children to be resilient and included in society.
  4. Empowering Women:
    • Through livelihood skills training, they empower women in rural areas, enabling financial independence and family support.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Bal Raksha Bharat has received several accolades, including:
    • Certificate of Appreciation for valuable support to people with TB.
    • 5th ICC Social Impact Awards 2023: Runners-up in the Large Project category.
    • Radio City Delhi Icon Award 2023: Recognized for youth skilling and vocational training.
    • CSR Health Impact Awards 2023: Acknowledged for Project Pratiraksha – COVID Vaccination – CISCO 1.

Join the Movement:

  • You can make a difference too! Donate now to support their impactful work.
  • Consider becoming a supporter or volunteering with Bal Raksha Bharat. Together, we can be the “Rakshaks” (protectors) of children’s future.

NGO 6 – Wildlife Trust of India

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), founded in 2004, is a remarkable non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural world and its wild habitats in India. Let’s delve into its mission, impact, and commitment to creating a brighter future for wildlife:

Mission and Vision:

  • WTI believes in building a new “Bharat” where every wild creature has equal rights to thrive.
  • Their vision is to provide holistic care and support to wildlife, ensuring secure habitats and a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

Impact and Reach:

  • Over the last 25+ years, WTI has been fully committed to India’s wildlife.
  • Their team, comprising 150+ professional and qualified members, operates across 23 states with a pan-India presence.
  • More than 80% of the funds raised directly support conservation action.

Programs and Initiatives:

  1. Conservation Action:
    • WTI works tirelessly to protect endangered species, conserve habitats, and combat wildlife crime.
    • Their efforts include rehabilitationresearch, and community engagement.
  2. Science and Technology-led Approach:
    • WTI leverages scientific research and technology to make informed decisions.
    • They collaborate with governments, NGOs, and local communities.
  3. Empathy and Passion:
    • WTI’s work is driven by empathy and a deep love for nature.
    • Their initiatives touch the lives of countless animals, from tigers to turtles.

Notable Achievements:

  • The gazette notification of Raimona National Park by the Assam government is a big stride towards achieving WTI’s vision of Greater Manas 1.
  • Their Mobile Veterinary Service and Wildlife Transit Home near Raimona National Park have significantly contributed to conservation in this landscape 1.

Join the Movement:

  • You can be part of this noble cause! Donatevolunteer, or subscribe for updates.
  • Let’s be the rakshaks (protectors) of India’s incredible wildlife.


CRY (Child Rights and You), founded in 1979 by Rippan Kapur, is an Indian non-governmental organization (NGO) that works tirelessly to ensure children’s rights are protected and upheld. Let’s explore its impactful journey:

Mission and Vision:

  • CRY’s mission is to create happier and healthier childhoods for underprivileged children across India.
  • Their vision is to empower every child with access to education, protection, and participation.

Impact and Reach:

Programs and Initiatives:

  1. Education:
    • CRY ensures that no child lags behind in learning. Their ShikshaSeSashakt (Educate to Elevate) program focuses on quality education.
  2. Health and Nutrition:
    • The organization provides healthcare services, vaccinations, and essential health support to underprivileged communities.
  3. Protection and Inclusion:
    • CRY advocates for children’s rights, protecting them from exploitation and abuse.
    • They empower children to be resilient and included in society.

Awards and Recognition:

  • CRY is India’s most trusted non-profit brand according to the Trust Research Advisory Report 2018.
  • They hold the platinum seal of transparency awarded by GuideStar India, demonstrating their commitment to accountability.

NGO 8 – OSCAR Foundation

OSCAR Foundation, founded in 2004, is a community-based Sports for Development (S4D) organization in India. It harnesses the power of football to encourage children to stay in school and equips them with skills to be resilient and future-ready. Let’s explore their impactful work:

Programs and Initiatives:

  1. Football for Development (F4D):
    • The flagship program integrates life skills into fun football activities.
    • It promotes physical fitness and socio-emotional development among children aged 7 to 18.
    • Through F4D, 14,000 children and youth from low-income communities have been empowered since 2010.
  2. Community Centers:
    • These safe spaces provide digital education and other facilities for learning and development.
    • Children from OSCAR’s program access these centers.
  3. Young Leaders:
    • A youth leadership initiative molds young individuals into community leaders.
    • They inspire the next generation of OSCAR children.
  4. Enabling Change:
    • This initiative delivers football sessions to children with disabilities, promoting inclusion.
  5. Football Excellence:
    • Aimed at providing world-class football coaching and holistic support.
    • Identifies children from OSCAR’s programs with potential to become professional football players.

Join the Movement:

  • OSCAR Foundation is a leading NGO in India, using sports development to empower underprivileged children.

NGO 9 – HelpAge India

HelpAge India, founded in 1978, is a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to serving disadvantaged elderly citizens across India. Let’s explore their impactful work:

Mission and Vision:

  • HelpAge India’s mission is to create a world where every elderly person can lead a dignified, healthy, and secure life.
  • Their vision is to empower senior citizens, ensuring their well-being and inclusion while reducing poverty and discrimination.

Impact and Reach:

  • For more than four decades, HelpAge India has been at the forefront of elderly care.
  • They work with dedication, reaching out to millions of elderly individuals across the country.

Programs and Initiatives:

  1. Healthcare and Well-being:
    • HelpAge India provides medical aid, healthcare services, and support to elderly citizens.
    • They run mobile healthcare units, old age homes, and day care centers.
  2. Rights and Advocacy:
    • The organization advocates for the rights of senior citizens, including access to pensions, healthcare, and social security.
    • They raise awareness about elder abuse and discrimination.
  3. Livelihood Support:
    • HelpAge India empowers elderly individuals by providing vocational training and income-generating opportunities.
    • They believe in making seniors self-reliant.

Join the Movement:

  • You can contribute to this noble cause! Donatevolunteer, or spread awareness.
  • Let’s be the rakshaks (protectors) of our elders’ well-being.

NGO 10 – Goonj

Goonj, a non-profit organization headquartered in Delhi, India, is on a mission to create an equitable relationship of strength, sustenance, and dignity between urban cities and rural villages. They achieve this by using under-utilized urban material as a tool to trigger development with dignity across the country 1.

Areas of Impact:

  1. Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation:
    • Goonj responds swiftly during natural disasters, providing relief materials to affected communities.
    • Their focus extends beyond immediate relief, emphasizing rehabilitation and long-term support.
  2. Water:
    • Goonj recognizes the critical importance of water.
    • They work on water conservation, rainwater harvesting, and ensuring access to clean water for communities.
  3. Education:
    • The organization believes that education is a fundamental right.
    • Through various initiatives, they promote access to quality education for children.
  4. Health and Sanitation:
    • Goonj’s efforts include improving sanitation facilities, menstrual hygiene, and overall health awareness.
    • They empower communities to lead healthier lives.
  5. Livelihood and Environment:
    • Goonj focuses on livelihood generation, skill development, and sustainable practices.
    • They encourage environmental consciousness and responsible resource utilization.

Values and Recognition:

Join the Movement:

  • You too have a stake in this collective responsibility.


What is the purpose of this article?

The purpose of this article is to provide information about the top 10 NGOs in India and their charitable impact.

What are NGOs?

NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, are charitable organizations that work towards addressing social and environmental issues.

How were the top 10 NGOs in India selected?

The selection criteria for the top 10 NGOs in India included their impact, transparency, and sustainability.

Who is the first NGO on the list?

The first NGO on the list is Prerana NGO.

What is the role of donations in making a difference through NGOs?

Donations play a crucial role in enabling NGOs to carry out their charitable work effectively and make a positive impact on various social and environmental issues.

How can I donate to NGOs in general?

To donate to NGOs in general, you can visit their official websites or reach out to their support teams for the most convenient and secure donation methods.

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