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Help Curly Tails Feed, Adopt & Rescue the Voiceless animals

With Your Support, Curly Tails Will Be Able To Afford Food And Medicines For Hundreds Of Dogs In Their Shelter.

Every year, millions of animals end up in shelters all across the globe. These animals are either rescued from the streets or dropped off at the shelter. Though a lot of these shelters provide outstanding care and attention, there are still limitations to what they can do. As an individual, you can contribute to these efforts in a lot of different ways. Running a shelter involves a ton of work and they will need all the help they can get. Offering even a small donation or volunteering a short amount of your time can make a huge difference. 

An NGO of animal lovers at heart, Curly Tails from Sangli has dedicated their lives to take care of injured, sick and abandoned dogs. But due to lack of support, they are unable to continue the work. With your help, they would be able to help many more animals. ‘100+ Dogs now dead due to poisoning’, news headlines as such have become quite common nowadays, as many of us might have come across this, the sensitive people might feel bad while some would remain unbothered. But how many of us would take the initiative to try to put a stop to this.


Well, Curly Tails took a brave step ahead by reporting the matter to authorities as they try to nurse the strays saved back to health.

But they cannot do it alone.

Help now, Support now, Donate now

What are Curly Tails doing?

With no source of food, poor animals suffer in silence

Jack Foundation’s Curly Tails have been constantly on the run to save strays and give them a happy life. These people from Sangli focus on feeding, sterilization, rescue and adoption of stray animals. They regularly hold adoption calls by convincing people that they aren’t as dangerous or harmful in any way, every week they feed nutritious food like milk, eggs, chicken legs, dog food, etc. to the animals and also help them with proper vaccine dosages. When speaking with Curly Tails, they shared some of their plans about us that included increasing the frequency of their food drives, giving anti-rabies vaccines to the strays, and setting up shelters for them. Curly tails also aspire to provide collar belts for the strays and start animal ambulances for the treatment of the injured.


help the voiceless

What can YOU do?

Donations in this case would help them to contribute & save the lives of these poor, voiceless and helpless animals. Let’s all come together and contribute our bit in saving & encouraging more such selfless souls to do the same. Impaac believes in helping them achieve this dream. Let’s together empower the stray animals and show the Power Of Positive Impact.


What is Impaac Foundation?

Impaac for a real dynamic Impact! An impact startup passionate about solving global challenges through social entrepreneurship! We here at Impaac serve folks to get aware about the needs of our planet. We holistically cover people, pets, plants, the environment and societal constituents. Our aim is to contribute and take a step ahead for the welfare of the society. Combining technological skills with our social responsibilities is our unique trait.

Introducing Impaac Foundation!

We are India’s most trusted and 1000% transparent crowdfunding platform, with a vision to create a social impact. Our unique model allows people from across the globe to donate towards raising funds for products required by NGOs and charities in India, which are then delivered to them by us.

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The next time you see your pet, think about those roaming helplessly on the streets in urgent need of help. See the difference, how lucky your pet is. Let’s change the lives of stray animals too. THEY DESERVE THIS. Donate & Empower Stray animals.

We have already started donating.Have You?

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