Biggest Impact Of Rural Education In India For Future Growth

Rural Education

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The right to education is the primary right of each and every child irrespective of one’s race, gender, caste or colour. Nobody has the right to deny or violate the right to education of any student. Education is the doorway to the real world opportunities and a bright future ahead. An educated individual not only acts as an asset for his/her family but also for the economy of the country. A country where the individuals are like-minded and educated will always moves towards rapid growth. Whereas, a country where the people are illiterate will never be able to compete with others. Education is that tool which is very valuable for one’s personality improvement, helps in gaining respect in the society and professional validity as well. It is often said that if one is really keen in understanding the value of education, comparing an educated and an uneducated individual will definitely prove to be an eye opener. In a nutshell, encouraging more and more parents to make their children educated whatever the circumstances may be, holds utmost importance. Nothing should obstruct the route leading towards the fulfilment and attainment of quality education.

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Importance of Education


A major portion of Indian population still resides in the villages of the country. In rural areas, there isn’t easy and affordable access to education. The major factors in this regard are the lack of awareness among the people in educating their children rather than making them do labor, less availability of the required resources, various other religious and social norms prevailing amongst the villagers, the financial constraints faced by the families in these villages and many more. One of the factors due to which female students drop the idea of schooling is the lack of availability of washrooms. This factor related with the proper hygiene and sanitation make females reluctant to attend the classes. It should be noted that there is no dearth of schools in villages but several undeniable factors do the same.

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Realistic Statistics


Especially in the Covid-19 era, When the education sector witnessed a halt, it emerged even stronger online. Online education is the thing of the present and will technically continuing applying for the future as well. But this is what marks a difference between the high-profile societies and the miserably backward remote areas. Considering that they are the possessors of the necessary zeal and enthusiasm to study, get educated, become a better version of themselves, do something big in their lives, serve their families with all the necessities, serve their society and eventually their nation and build a better world, even then not everybody, especially people in the rural areas of the country could afford the required resources and the materials in educating themselves online may it be smartphones, laptops or a stable internet connection. Due to the widespread of corona virus, Parents have been much more reluctant to send their children to schools in view of their health circumstances and unavailability of proper medical care. Online education and offline has a remarkable difference in terms of suitability, adaptability and real attention towards learning. While, it seems difficult to bridge that gap in these villages but it is evidently necessary and quite possible to accomplish the same.

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COVID-19 Affects


It is unfortunate that many students in the rural areas often drop out of the school leaving their education incomplete. It is very crucial that the youth of our nation should be educated for the accurate growth, development and betterment of our country. Some solutions that need to be worked upon and followed include-

  • INCREMENT IN QUALITY OF EDUCATION – Raising the standards and quality of education is vital for better individuals. Quality of education proves to be an asset for the society and country.
  • AWARENESS AND INVOLVEMENT OF PARENTS – Parents hold the position of important stakeholders in a child’s life. All major decisions are taken in consultation with his/her parents. 
  • INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT – Schools in rural areas need to be developed properly including the infrastructure, necessities and quality of faculty.
  • IMPROVISED RESOURCES AVAILABILITY – The required materials like books, uniforms, internet connectivity and other resources have to be made available for successful commencement of classes.
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Little minds deserve Education!

Overall the importance rural education cannot be undermined. Effectively working hand in hand with both rural and urban areas is mandatory and will benefit our nation only. Absence of the same will make our country to face Major challenges. Even Covid-19 doesn’t have the power to stop our children to get educated and become sensible individuals.
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