Bringing home a dog is like bringing home a kid, it is exhilarating, confusing, exhausting but at the same time exciting. There are a lot of things that one has to keep in mind before adopting a dog as it is a huge responsibility to train, groom and make the pet one’s family member. Just like a kid, a dog is totally new to its surroundings and the people around causing it to be freaked out but with proper care and effort, it is totally possible to make the dog comfortable in the house. It is essential that we respect a dog’s personal space as well, it is not uncommon for a rescued dog to stay aloof and be in their own space but that doesn’t mean that the dog does not like you, its earlier situation has made it to be this way, all they need is love and care as they will soon come wagging their tail towards you.


Veterinary advice

Before adopting or buying a dog, it is necessary to seek veterinary advice on what kind of dog would suit your lifestyle and housing facilities. Greyhounds for example need a companion dog to thrive while some are totally independent and do not need a partner dog, some can adjust in cramped spaces while some need a good walking around space so depending on your condition, the vet will suggest you a dog that can fit into your current surroundings. The vet will tell you about your pet’s diet, schedule, allergy warnings etc. which will additionally help your pet to adjust better in the new lifestyle.


Time and effort

One of the most crucial things to consider before adopting a dog is that the pet requires your time and effort for its proper upbringing. Once you adopt a pet your responsibilities will only increase as you need to make it aware of its surroundings, make sure he\she eats well, play with your dog, take him out on walks, try not to leave it alone without any company etc. If all the family members are working and there is no one to take care of the dog it is best to not adopt one and not risk its life. A dog will be very confused once you bring it home, he might howl at night, frequently urinate everywhere, chew on things lying around the house etc. at times like these it is important to keep your cool and treat like how you would treat your child. Proper care, time and effort invested in the dog will transform him into a well-groomed pet very soon.


Dog safe space

Your home should be properly prepped so that your pet doesn’t get hurt while running or playing around in the house. Sharp things like scissors, knives etc should be kept out of reach of dogs, open wires are a big hazard so properly insulate everything and keep them out of your pet’s paws to reduce the risk of him getting electrocuted or tripping on the wires. Keep all medications and food items locked up in cabinets to ensure that your dog doesn’t get access to them. Before bringing home your dog, evaluate your living space and figure out the potential dangers in your space and fix them up so that your pet can roam freely around.

Stocking supplies

You should adequately stock your house with pet necessities to not cause any rush last minute and so that you can properly take care of the little munchkin. Food, medicines, proper clothes according to the weather, a little bed, toys to keep him entertained, treats etc. are a must before bringing your dog home. All of his necessities should be well taken care of to ensure his peaceful and comfortable stay.



If you are planning to adopt a dog, it should be a full-fledged commitment to love and cherish him/her for the rest of their lives. It should be well planned if you want to adopt a dog and you need to ask yourself questions like am I capable enough to sustain another living being’s life? Will I be able to provide it with the love, time and effort required? And if the answers to these questions are a yes you should think about adopting a dog as a pet. If you suddenly decide to abandon the pet and leave out in the outside world it will not be able to sustain itself due to the harsh conditions. Many die of road accidents or starvation when abandoned. Therefore, adopting should be a well thought after decision.

Now if you are fully prepared to adopt a dog, go ahead and give it the life it deserves.


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