About Impaac Foundation through Sona’s eyes

For me Impaac is...

Impaac Foundation is a non-profit, trustworthy crowdfunding platform, which raises funds for society’s welfare. Infant, India’s first Truly Free Crowdfunding Platform for diverse social causes.

Best part is that you can support  ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation which is 100% genuine,  you can  discover fundraising campaigns ranging from various causes according to your interest like Human Empowerment, Environmental Causes, Societal Evolution, Education, Medical Causes, Women Welfare and Child Welfare.

Why Do I Resonate With Impaac?

As Animal lover, my personal favourite is “Stray Animals campaign” which aims at providing Shelter, Food, Medical Facility, Safety, Care & Respect for these innocent souls. I love how they use cute pictures of dogs everywhere, even their organisation structure has candy (lab dog) as their team lead.

The second element that really impressed me i that we can Create  our own  campaign. that too absolutely  “FREE”. Impaac helps to raise money for what matters to you the most. I want to personally encourage the young minds to utilise this amazing platform that impaac provides as this will not only help you achieve your mission but also, It would serve as a marketing tool.

How Is Impaac Unique?

From business point of view, an active crowdfunding campaign is a good way to introduce a venture’s overall mission and vision to the market, as it is a free and easy way to reach numerous channels as they have the ability to share and spread the word to their connections.

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