Digital Sustainability


Climate change and environmental degradation are one of the most oppressing problems in today’s times that might become a huge concern for the future generations. Digital sustainability is one solution to the problem that aims to use technology to reduce our carbon footprint and use it for ecological benefits that help the environment. Many organisations and businesses are switching to eco – aware tactics that do not harm the environment in the long run while also contributing towards its conservation and betterment. It addresses everyday climate issues while also improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes.


People are usually hesitant to offer time and money to spend for the greater good but, Technology driven eco projects have seen a huge influx as people remotely can now offer solutions and also act upon them while being in the comfort of their homes. As a growing economy, we see a huge no. of new business ventures pop up that use a lot of resources to reach the end consumer, however, digital platforms have condensed the process while also reducing or nullifying the extra resources that used to cause pollution and harm the environment. As everything is becoming more and more dependent on technology, it is important to note that carbon emissions are also at its max that can impact the environment in a bad way.

Here are some ways in which Digital Sustainability benefits us:
• The use of paper and ink has been brought drastically, that will ensure that we pollute less.
• It helps in `maintaining a circular economy
• They can be used to monitor pollution levels and take action against it
• We get access to data that helps us in becoming conscious citizens
• Even if we cannot offer time to any environment related project, we can always donate and ensure our voice is heard


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