As business ventures continue to expand and grow, we are left behind with tonnes of packaging waste to deal with. It is an industry that uses the most of pollutive waste substances that are non-recyclable and hard to decompose in the environment after usage. It uses a lot of harmful resources like paper, petroleum, chemical, fibres, excessive water consumption etc. A lot of these packaging containers or packets are meant for one time usage which further leads to degrading effects on planet earth. Plastic packaging is one of the most prominently used materials as they are lightweight, durable, decay resistant, inexpensive and mouldable, which means that they stay on earth’s surface for a prolonged period of time giving rise to landfills, and cause harm to humans, animals and mother earth. Processing or making these packaging boxes also lead to air pollution and release harmful particulates in the atmosphere which again is a leading contributor of global warming.


However, all is not lost as we can still divert to eco – packaging that benefits and reduces the amount of packaging pollution in the environment to a great extent. Many business ventures and organisations have already taken to eco – packaging and are contributing in their own small way, lets look at a few eco – packaging alternatives:

• Corn starch Packaging is made from the remains of maize plant that has been slowly but steadily replacing plastic in the market because of its widely similar properties to that of plastic.
• Compostable Packaging is another plant-based alternative that is easily decompostable and dissolves easily into the soil without leaving any toxic residue.
• Recycled Packaging is made using plastics that are already in nature by giving them a new life.
• Cellulose Packaging is made using natural substances like hemp, wood and cotton.
• Mushroom packaging is a newly found concept that utilises mushroom’s umbrella, stem and roots to transform into a sustainable packaging alternative.


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