Environmental Degradation

The environment is constantly changing but not for the better it is for the worse. Floods, hurricanes, climate change are all indications of the disaster that is approaching us in near future. The indiscriminate deforestation, us pollution the very place we live in, hunting animals for selfish gains and other such reasons are the cause of the loss of millions of lives during any natural disaster. This abrupt and sudden changes in the climate is due to the years of trouble that the earth has gone through and is still going through. However, we see the situation improving as many have started being conscious towards our planet and taking care of it in hopes of a better future.


Years and years of pressuring the earth and its environment has led to drastic consequences that are disastrous for human life and health. We have been mining the land for centuries that has led to a shortage of resources as well as harmful gases emitted from below the land causes air pollution that is harmful and causes diseases in humans. The need for private modes of transformation has led to an ever-increasing diaspora of pollution that harms both the environment as well as us humans. Industrialization and the need for excess products have become a huge burden for the earth as it struggles to cope up with those needs and their toxic by-products.


A lot of ngo’s as well as individuals who have been working their way to help the environment and restore it to its previous glory. A few of them have been listed below while there are a lot are out there working towards a beautiful tomorrow:
• Aditya Shivpuri
• EcoKaari
• Greenpeace
• Vanashakti
• SankalpTaru Foundation
• Vandana Shiva
• Jadav Payeng
• Sumaira Abdulali
• Salim Ali
• Kinkri Devi


Environmental degradation is a serious concern all over the world that needs special attention so that we don’t end up with a place devoid of holding human life. The rapid pace at which we are using up our resources without any care or concern for the future could end up being a huge problem for our future generations. However, many Ngo’s as well as individuals are working for a better future by taking care of the planet and making sure that everyone else does so as well. The earth is finally starting to look a bit better as people have started taking care of it as we see its impact in its lush trees that spread over acres of land, the sparkling oceans and the clear skies.


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