Soil pollution refers to the contamination of soil with harmful combinations of toxic chemicals (pollutants or contaminants) that accumulate over time and make the soil unfit for any activity. This poses serious health concerns to both plants and animals and further disintegration of soil can be disastrous for future generations. These pollutants can enter the human body through direct skin contact or even inhalation of harmful substances, the contaminants can also seep into water sources that can cause health concerns or even kill these animals. A variety of Ngo’s and individuals have taken up soil protection campaigns and continue to actively work towards it so that the present as well as the future generations can continue to thrive.



One of the prime causes of soil pollution is agricultural waste, even though agriculture is considered to be more of a non-polluting form of profession but when the toxins and chemicals from pesticides and insecticides wear off it pollutes the soil and degrades its quality. Clothing industries that believe in fast fashion over sustainable tend to be more polluting and degrade soil quality as clothes take a lot of time to actually degrade into the soil. Irregular waste management is another cause of soil pollution that is on the increase in recent years, as it takes a long time to degrade and the chemicals from the waste reduce soil quality and transform it into an unusable land.



Soil is the living force for us humans, without soil there would be no agriculture and hence no food for us that would result in widespread starvation and that might even lead us to the brink of the end of the world (P.S it might). Poor soil quality would reduce tree cover in areas that would lead to climate change and hence sprout a series of disastrous chain events. Mismanagement of waste results in foul smell that pollutes and even effects the health’s of the surrounding humans and animals. Radioactive ingredients present in polluted soil enter human body and cause adverse health effects such as cancer, deformities in unborn kids as well as old adults.



Some of the major ways in which we can protect our soil and ensure its stability for future generations are:
• Farmers should use natural manures instead of chemical fertilizers in their farms to ensure that the toxic chemicals do not damage the soil and reduce its fertility in the near future.
• Practising proper solid waste management plans ensure that the soil does not get damaged due to the waste not getting decomposed.
• We should recycle and reuse as many things as we can so that they end up in landfills or give way to soil pollution.
• Industries should be a little more conscious towards the waste they produce and make sure that it is free of any toxic waste as such


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