Manoj’s Food Machine For Strays leading to Zero Carbon Footprints

About the Machine

The provision of one good meal a day to stray dogs has been Manoj’s contribution for about 25-30 strays for the past 12 years, and about 15 tons of food has been given from own funds. Manoj Lingam from Bangalore has been a dedicated individual to help and feed stray animals on his own. His engineering knowledge has helped him invent a machine for single person, toil free, preparation of excellent food that dogs love and eat fast and fully, and is made using only half the lpg presently used. This system can progress into a total zero carbon activity in the next phase. Sustainability and climate care are tied in with a superb meal for dogs by this.

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What Does He Do?

The hope is to have these machines in many places of a city and linked by an app to create the availability of good food made in an affordable way and used by shelter homes, feeders and hospitals to reduce the carbon output and also provide a good meal that makes strays very healthy. Presently the cost and carbon emission of food preparation is very high and the labor cost significant taking away most of the funds. His machine will ensure a very low cost and sustainable operation benefiting dogs by making it possible to feed one dog at about 10 rupees for a very good meal. Dogs he feeds love the food and eat every grain very fast and grow strong by it.

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His Vision

NGO crowdfunding social platform Impaac Foundation help support donate

His Mission

NGO crowdfunding social platform Impaac Foundation help support donate

Help Him To Help Strays

He needs 4 lakhs to make the 1st machine and run it to make about 50-100 kgs of food a day, and by it popularize the concept for wide acceptance and participation by many people who have little space to offer and one person to operate. This will create an ecosystem for the single purpose of feeding stray dogs at affordable cost and with climate care included. The cost of the machine will be recovered in a year from one shift run for sale of food to pet parents and also cover the cost of the food donated to strays. 

NGO crowdfunding social platform Impaac Foundation help support donate

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You can even donate the amount you spend on pizza. Even a single penny matters! The next time you see any animal in need on the roadside, don’t turn away and immediately report to a nearby NGO. Let’s together stand & support these selfless beings. 

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