According to the UN climate change can be defined as long term shifts in temperature and weather patterns. This phenomenon is not alien to us as we frequently hear or even experience climate change around us or we must have heard our parents say that earlier the climate patterns were a lot more balanced than it is today. Climate change is mainly driven by irrational human activities over the ages whose consequences we have to bear now in terms of extreme heat or cold, floods in one part or droughts in the other, global warming, diseases, food and water scarcity etc. However, it is still not to late to help our planet onto the road to recovery and make it feasible for our future generations to come. 2015 to 2021 are the seven warmest years recorded in the history of our planet and if the trend continues, we will have to face record staggering global disasters. Since 1880, the rate of warming has only increased and effected more people.


Causes Of Climate Change

Climate change is not a recent phenomenon and has been around from as long as we can remember and it is the cause of many disasters around the world but what are exactly the causes of climate change?
Fossil Fuels are being used to produce electricity is one of the major contributors of global warming that has drastically increased heatwaves all across the world. In the recent years the demand for goods has increased manifold leading to manufacturers producing emission that affect our climate in a negative way. Incessant cutting of trees, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions etc have led to such drastic consequences. Human interferences as such with the nature has led to harmful effects on both humans and animals as we all struggle to survive amidst such harsh climatic changes and the constant fear of natural disasters.


Effects Of Climate Change

We don’t need to scour far and wide to look for the effects of climate change as it is so very common that it is easily visible around us. Droughts, floods, global warming, glaciers melting etc. have become ever so common in the past few decades. While one part of the world faces such devastating floods that washes the livelihoods of millions away the other part faces droughts that leave people and animals desperate for water. The temperature of earth continues to soar as we see unbearable summers, glaciers have started melting at an alarming rate as animals like polar bears find it difficult to survive. Wildfires are also at an all time high, the dry leaves quickly catch fire due to the soaring temperature and destroys millions of acres of forestland further aggravating the problem of climate change.


Actions on Climate Change 

Some ways we can still protect ourselves and our planet have been mentioned herein so that we can somehow reduce the effects of climate change.
• Practice afforestation by planting sapling in and around our house.
• Take the public transport instead of your car to locations easily accessible by them.
• Use renewable sources of energy like solar energy.
• Practice the 3R’s of sustainability – reduce, reuse and recycle.
• Save energy whenever possible, switch off fans and lights when not in use, close water taps so as to not waste water.
These are some ways in which we can effectively mange to curb down climate change, share the blog with your friends and family and take an action today.


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