Empowering Wildlife – The Hidden Warriors Of The Jungle

Empowering Wildlife

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The Indian Wildlife Heritage

India is a diverse country not only in the terms of various kinds of cultures and traditions in different parts of the country but in terms of its wildlife heritage and animal kingdom as well. A large variety of species and organisms are available on air, water, land and even underground. We are only left with the availability of species in the outer space now, that might be possible too, no one knows! Moving on from our silly sense of humor, India is blessed to be a land of not only varieties in humans but also varieties in its creatures. Animals form the basis of life due to the interconnection and inter-linkage of the food chains of the environment. Our environment is incomplete without the existence of the animal species. Some animals may be harmful and some may be less furious but that no way  decreases their value. Some animals like dogs, cats and rabbits are common examples of people adopting them as their pets and considering them as an irreplacable part of their family. Birds like parrots are also kept at houses of many people.

Forests-Lungs Of Earth

Have Humans done justice?

Especially in recent times, human error is prevailing so much that humans have not spared animals even. Humans continue to kill them directly or indirectly for their skin, teeth or simply to satisfy their greed. Animals have made human life so easy and comfortable by fulfilling the basic necessities. Almost in every field may it be food, clothing and textiles, work and transport, medicine or all sciences, animal products have been of a great use. Similarly, there are separate benefits of having pets at home. Pets are good not only for the physical but also emotional well-being of the owners ranging from reducing their stress levels, easing loneliness, encouraging exercise and playfulness to even improve the cardiovascular health of the person. In addition to this, caring for an animal helps the children in the family to be better companions, active and much better individuals. Therefore, animals, wild or domestic, have served humans’ needs irrespective of the behavior of the human beings. Humans are indebted by the kindness and love provided by animals in form of satisfying each and every need of theirs. Still, not realizing the importance and existence of animals in the surroundings, we humans continue to settle our greed by killing innocent animals for the sake of money. We humans put a price tag on the products obtained by the teeth or skin of these priceless poor animals. 

Human greed for animals

Needs of living creatures other than in space!

Various kinds of animals on land, water, air and even underground, have different kinds of their basic necessities, except for their availability in space, which might be possible as well considering the fast evolution occurring and the technological developments in the ongoing era. These animals are often times deprived of even their basic necessities. Animals on land need to have food, water, shelter and space to survive. The three kinds of animals present on land have different yet similar kinds of requirements. Herbivores require plant food to be alive. Carnivores can be alive only where catching their prey is possible. Omnivores can, infact live in many places due to their food as both plants or animals. Animals in water require to live in fresh water bodies for surviving because both the oxygen and food comes from water in a dissolved form. Water should not be polluted as it’s vital for their bodily functions. Birds in air require fresh air to have their body and systems in place. The adverse effects of the harmful radiations emitting from mobile phone towers as depicted in the movie ROBOT 2.O can lead to deaths of the birds. The chinese strings from kites can also be one of the constituents. Underground species such as worms, moles, ants etc bury their food and use it for feeding in the winter. Destruction in their routines by the infertile soils and reducing groundwater can lead to the overall harmful disruptions.

Empower wildlife

Maintaining the natural cycle!

A balanced natural cycle and maintaining a balanced food chain in the environment needs to have the desired and pre-set number of animals in it. Otherwise, the whole of the food chain can be destroyed. If you are not well aware, let me tell you that humans too are a part of this food chain and even if one element of the food chain is destroyed, all the others get adversely effected. So, it’s better and understand the true meaning our mother nature holds. A food chain actually depicts how the energy is transferred from one organism to another via the means of food. It is very important to realize the importance of food chain, how it involves the animals and the balance it makes to happen for the ecology. The removal of animals from the food chain can disrupt the biodiversity. Each and every species are important to exist. For example, if scavengers like eagles and vultures are missing, the cleanliness of the natural surroundings will be at stake. Just like every human has a different personality and purpose in life, in the same way, the animals are here to take control of different roles and responsibilities in their lifetime. One effects all! 

Endangered Species

5 Ways to protect the endangered

Threatened species that can probably be termed as endangered ones, are most likely to become extinct in the near future. These types of animals are rare to exist in the environment and are at a high risk of being extinct forever. In order to protect them, maintain the beauty of our environment and support the balanced food chain, we need to follow and develop the ways to protect them. Some of the proposed ones at local levels are as follows-

1) Never purchase products that are being made up from the endangered animals.

2) Do not litter around the natural habitats of the species.

3) Follow Sustainability and limit carbon footprints.

4) Minimize the use of pesticides that can become hazardous pollutants.

5) Visit the wildlife or any bird sanctuary, realize the need of the hour, be vocal, support the NGOs working towards it and spread awareness.

Earth transformation for good

Don’t ignore. Don’t just read. Get aware yourself and spread this to make people aware as well. Let’s all come together and do what we can do for the wildlife of our planet. If you live happily with them, the Earth will definitely transform into a better and a much happier place to survive, enjoy and live in with all the love emerging amongst the species. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Share it with others and spread the word about this. Until, we see you again, Live The Impaac Way!

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