Food Gap Between The Rich And The Poor

Food gap

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Food And Its Importance

We’ve often heard that food is the fuel for the human body. Food is the essential ingredient to sustain in life not only for humans but all the living beings available. Food fuels the body with sufficient nutrients that provide energy for carrying out all the functions and growth activities in the body which includes breathing, digesting, repairing and keeping the immune system healthy. Why do we as humans need to eat well? The answer is quite simple, To Live well. If we do not eat well and so not take a well-balanced and healthy diet, the chances of getting ill and catching various diseases increase. Food is the basis of living and is regarded something to be grateful for.

Food And Its Importance

Decoding The Nutritional Value

Even if food is available to us simply and we eat it, this is not enough. We need to check on the nutritional quality of the food items. Substances with a high nutritional value will dictate the appropriate growth and development of our body accordingly. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and dairy products are known to contain a higher nutritional value. It is said that nutritional wellness can have a direct impact on the mental health along with exploring the emotional and physical relationship humans share with the food they eat. Rather than focusing on the quantity, it’s highly important to utilize the correct quality of the food. Let’s take a simple example to have a deeper understanding. If a milkman adds more water in the pure milk in order to increase the quantity, then directly its quality is reduced.  Nutritionists spend a lot of time and effort to scientifically prove that total digestible nutrients are very less as compared to the total amount of food intake because of reduced nutritional value even if the quantity is large.


Nutritional Value

Comparison Between The Rich vs The Poor

It is unfortunate that the quality food availability in our country is unequal for its people. It depends upon various factors like caste, religion, status region and many more. Different people have different choices when it comes to the food they eat. Generally, some people like the poor of the country do not even get one meal a day as a basic necessity to survive. It’s ironic how there’s more than required food accessible to the rich and financially sound section of the society. When a reliable access to a sufficient quantity of nutritious food is denied, it is referred to as food insecurity. One of the factors includes poverty which is the common cause of food insecurity. Poorer households tend to spend large part of their incomes on food which results in higher food prices for them. Low income households tend to be more food insecure. Therefore, reduction of poverty is the key for food security in the country.

Empowering The Local Sellers

We people are set with the mentality to buy the highest priced item as well thinking that it’ll be more refined having a high quality ignoring the local sellers of the place. Local stalls and people there work hard in making the food items available to us. It’s not true that every local stall contains the food which is spoiled and comes with less quality. It’s true that vendors have the food which is uncovered and can lead to various infections. Besides that the freshly prepared food in front of the customers for instance sugarcane juice and coconut water are regarded as highly valuable nutritious drinks as compared to the ones sold in various packaging. Still people will go with the packaged juice not paying heed to the local sellers. Empowering them with consumers’ trust is mandatory. 

Empowering The Local Sellers

What Next!?

It will be highly valued and beneficial in the long run if one understands the problem of lack of food available to the people. It’s disheartening when a poor child sleeps with an empty stomach. We need to consider the wastage of food and stop it as much as possible. The following are the ways in order to prevent the lack of availability of food for the common masses-

1) Reduce The Food Waste. Begin with yourself in your surroundings and motivate more people to follow the same practice. As we say, “Every single bite is sacred”

2) Reduction Of Poverty And Climate Change Control to lessen the food insecurity.

3) Stop The Market Dominance By Corporate Giants who regularly indulge into unfair practices with the local food producers.

4) Avoid Lack Of Access To The Farming Lands for the farmers of the country resulting in less production of the food crops.

5) Eat Healthy And Avoid Unhealthy to for sustainable living.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Share it with others and spread the word about this. Until, we see you again, Live The Impaac Way!

Stop Food Wastage

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