Wind Energy And Its Usage


Wind energy/power is the use of the all-pervasive wind to make electricity that is renewable and sustainable source of power. Wind power is not a new intervention, it has historically been used in sails, windmills etc but nowadays it is mostly used to generate electricity that can be used globally without the thought of it diminishing from the atmosphere. We mostly see the use of wind turbines to generate wind energy that is used both domestically as well as industrially. However, the use of wind power is not that prevalent today as many don’t even know about this, therefore today Impaac spreads awareness about wind energy and its usage.


Currently we are using up our resources that will take decades to renew itself while we anticipate its quick return. Everything we do in our everyday lives like lighting up our room, powering machines, driving cars etc. require energy leading to its quick diminishment. In the last couple of decades especially post industrialisation, energy use has increased manifold that will lead to drastic consequences on the earth. After years of research scientists have chanced upon methods like solar energy, wind energy, hydropower etc. as we have started acknowledging and using these resources in our day to day lives.


Wind energy is cost effective as well as a sustainable source of energy that makes it a more usable form of electricity. The wind power sector has been a big boom in some of the major countries that helped increase the employment gap and provided people with a secure job. Power plants are the leading contributors of harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide etc. while windmills only use the air present in the atmosphere to generate electricity while also not releasing any harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. The windmills are also easy to maintain and can be set up on empty fields or ranches. These factors make wind energy a more effective form of sustainable energy.


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