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Every year we generate up to 2 billion tonnes of waste that either ends up in landfills, getting burnt and polluting the environment, or stagnating the earth by remaining on its surface for decades to come. Our rash approach towards the environment has led to a multitude of problems to both humans and animals and it won’t be long before earth becomes devoid of human survival mechanism. Although we cannot abandon generating waste altogether, we can definitely minimise and change our advances to ensure a better future. Zero waste living is one such solution for waste management and disposal, it ensures that we generate less waste and keep a track of it. While Zero waste living is an umbrella term, there are a lot of methods and practices that fall beneath. Impaac aims to divert your attention towards this safe and ecological method, a lot of households have already adopted this practice, have you?


Zero waste living is a way that ensures that we follow the three principles of reduce, reuse and recycle diligently. The concept of zero waste aims to wipe out trash from the environment by adopting the circular economy method where everything is reused and recycled so that nothing ends up in dump yards. This is a tedious process that would require each one of us to practice it with full vigour and determination, to fully adopt a waste free lifestyle, to ensure that we reduce the waste we generate and recycle whatever we can. A lot of waste free stores have also sprung up in various parts of the country as well as worldwide as we see an influx of people conforming to the new waste free lifestyle.


Waste free lifestyle is not hard to achieve and doesn’t require you to make much changes in your lifestyle, it is about changing your approaches and adopting new methods to replace them in such a way that ensures little to no waste disposal. Some ways in which we can adopt a waste free lifestyle are as follows:
• Take your own containers or bags for grocery shopping
• Whenever you go to any restaurants, make sure to not leave leftovers and instead pack it in a lunch box
• Replace face wipes with handkerchiefs, plastic bottles with steel ones, plastic cutlery with wooden or steel ones etc.
• Do not indulge in single use containers, cutlery etc
• Compost your food waste
• Donate your things to the needy so as to stop them from going into landfills
• Invest in high quality so they last longer


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