Aakarsh Samanur’s Bepolite

Aakarsh Shamanur is a Bangalore based change maker who revolutionised the lives of fruit sellers and road side vendors. Aakarsh is a trained architect who identified the problem of the vendors as they get gas lanterns from their homes and spend about 250 Rs every week, it is also hard to work under the dysfunctional lights due to the concerns of safety and customers not being able to see what they are buying. Vendors loose anywhere between 500 to 1000 Rs every due as they have to return home early due to the insufficiency of lights around in the area. He conducted an extensive market research before inventing Bepolite by speaking with the street vendors in the city and taking notice of some of their major problems and then including it in his Bepolite solution.


Bepolites are solar-powered lamps that provide light for long hours along with phone charging facility so that vendors can accept online payment for long durations and do not fall behind in sales of their commodities. It is furthermore sustainable and would help and benefit the environment in a positive way. He took the route of crowdfunding to raise the amount required for his Bepolite solution that went on to impact and benefit more that 200 vendors so far. He wishes to provide this solution to vendors from all over the country so that everyone benefits from it. The Bepolite is not only effective on the streets but also at home where these vendors can use it in their day-to-day life as well.


Bepolite where po-lite stands for portable light that is sustainable but at the same time does not compromise on the intensity of the system. This initiative is encouraging the often-overlooked entrepreneurs to devote more time and efficiency in their work that would in turn increase their income and quality of livelihoods. The youngsters of the country have been mostly involved in the campaign and act as volunteers for such a noble cause. They sell these lights at a cheaper rate of €5 while the remaining €30 are sponsored by various people or organisations. His work has been recognised widely as we appreciate him for his kind and generous thinking about one of the ignored communities of street vendors.


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