Why was plastic banned?

The recent long pending decision of plastic ban was finally put in action, many applauded this step while many are struggling to cope up with the repercussions. The ministry of forest, environment and climate change banned single-use plastic from July 1 that was a huge hit to roadside vendors and big shopkeepers alike. The manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of single-use plastic that is plastic that is used once and then discarded. After exiting our homes all single-use plastics would either be burned, end up in landfills or in oceans and cause pollution, plastic being one of the leading polluting causes all across the globe. Some items as stated by the ministry that have been banned are plastic cups and plates, cutlery, ice cream sticks, candy sticks, straws, wrapping and polystyrene. Although many people are facing problems due to the plastic ban but this sends us on a quest to hunt for green alternatives that are sturdy and can be used instead of plastic in our everyday lives.


The Repercussions

The suddenness of the plastic ban was a huge blow to many companies and shopkeepers as they are frantically trying to keep up with the alternate solutions of plastic. Plastic was cheaper and easier to access as shopkeepers would sometimes even get it for free but the new alternatives would be harder to find and buy. The government has also set up penalties and punishment for anyone using, importing, or selling single-use plastic. On the other hand, this would prove to be a huge revolution in the world as we can make an effort to curb pollution in the oceans and prevent such a toxic and harmful component to end up in landfills. The ban of plastic has given rise to an ever-increasing demand of paper bags as it is the only viable alternative to plastic as of now, companies are also trying to figure out and search other alternatives that is cost effective and strong enough like a plastic bag.


How are we going to cope up with the loss of plastic?

We as the common people should take care that we carry our own cloth bags whenever we go out so that we can carry all essentials in it, it is both reusable and sturdy. Half of the problem would be solved when we carry our own bags to the market so that reduces the demand for more paper bags as that would essentially mean cutting down more trees to produce the paper. Instead of paper bags we should strive to find more affordable and sturdy options to replace plastic that is sustainable to the environment.


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