Story of Saloni Sakaria

Saloni Sakaria


Born and brought up in Mumbai, she was a part of an affluent Jain family. In the initial years of my career, she was a fashion designer and ran her clothing label, named The Third Floor Clothing’. Having a reasonably successful career, she showcased my clothing line at #Lakme Fashion Week and #Amazon India Fashion Week in the first six months of starting my label.

Saloni Sakaria
Saloni Sakaria

With her career taking its road at the back of my mind, she was always stuck with notions of eventually marrying and settling down. Her aim through this time was always to see herself as a businesswoman, but life had its plans for her.

I thought she was doing her bit for the animals by being vegan, but it stumbled upon her one day that not participating in cruelty is not enough; She needed to do more. During the #lockdown, she got time to introspect. She decided to shut down her business, and that’s when she applied to Peepal Farm – an animal rescue organization in Himachal Pradesh, to work for animals’ full time.


"We can judge a man's heart by his treatment of animals"
- Immanuel Kant

Choosing to dedicate her work to animals has been the most empowering decision of her life so far. Saloni soon understood that rescuing hurt animals from the streets is just curing the symptoms. The real problem that is often not addressed is people’s perspective and attitude towards animals.


This is precisely what she is aiming to work towards – animal welfare and awareness. Saloni wants to be part of making this world a better place even for animals, and there’s no looking back from this one.

Saloni Sakaria
4 Years Of Going Vegan

source - thelogicalindian instagram