Top 10 Ways To Help Strays

help strays care compassion

According to a recent survey, there are around 6.2 crore stray dogs and 91 lakh stray cats in India that have been abandoned, born into it or ran away due to abusive homes. That is why India has such a huge stray problem, we might be compelled to point towards the problems that are caused by strays but how many of us have tried to look into these stray’s lives?

Every year around the world 5.5 million animals lose lives due to vehicle collisions, newly abandoned strays find it difficult to survive in the harsh environment, they do not getting proper food or water and succumb to various diseases. We as humans should have been compassionate towards these voiceless animals but we have become the ones who torture, beat and sometimes even kill them for the sake of entertainment.

Dogs- one of the most loyal animals fails to get loyalty back from its owners. They are cruelly abandoned and find it difficult to survive as they lived in comfort all their lives, they face competition from other street dogs who have been living on the streets all their life. They are bullied by children and adults alike that damage their morale, they are increasingly susceptible to diseases especially maggots. Majority of dog disease case in animal shelters is of maggots.

People turn a blind eye to the happenings and do nothing to save or protect them, at this time we meet the hero’s of the story- the ones who stand up for them and save them from such inhumane practices.  These statistics might invoke a feeling of compassion or pity in you so what can you really do to help these strays or in providing them with a more comfortable lifestyle. We urge you to become the next hero for these poor souls and therefore present you with:

‘The Top 10 Ways To Help Strays’  

help strays care compassion
  • Donate to genuine sites

If you are not able to go out there and help strays you can always try donating to genuine sites that help animals in need. You can opt to pay for their medical expenses, food neccesities etc or you can also sponsor an animal. Through this if not physically you are virtually helping a being.

  • Adopt

Adopt an animal and provide it with a comfortable lifestyle. You can go to an animal shelter and adopt a pet that way you get a friend and they get a family. It is not just enough to adopt a pet you need to take proper care of it by providing it with nutriscious food, weekly vet visits and your love.

  • Rescuing Pets

Whenever you see a stray dog that’s struggling, don’t ignore these pets and try contacting the nearest stray shelter for help. The stray shelter will pick up the stray from the location and would ensure good protection and treatment of the same.

help strays care compassion
  • Regular Visits

Regularly visit animal shelters to spend some time with the strays. You can carry treats with you for the strays and spend quality time with them and let them know there are still people who care about them.

  • Working As A Volunteer

Try working at pet shelters as a volunteer during long summer breaks. This way you can look after pets and also do a noble task. Volunteering at pet shelters may ask you to feed the pets, take them for vet visits, rescue them from adverse situations or something as simple as playing with them and keeping them involved.

  • Awareness Campaigns

In India, the youth constitutes of 22 percent of the population that is approximately 261 million people even larger than the population of some countries. If the youth unites to spread a positive message, it is bound to get the attention of many. We should organize awareness campaigns about various stray issues and unite people to fight for the cause.

help strays care compassion
  • Free Aid

If you are in the position of someone like a vet or a dog food seller, you can try providing free aids weekly, monthly or on special occasions. You can help them this way and also not incur much loss.

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  • Raise your Voice

There are multiple instances where people have gone the inhumane way to torture the strays. Throwing rocks on them, chasing them with sticks, attaching firecrackers to their tails, pouring boiling hot water on them are only some dehumanizing things people have indulged in. So whenever you see the voiceless being tortured you should raise your voice and stop them, eventually more people would join.

  • Food and water bowls

Keep food and water bowls in front of your house for the animals to  feed from and cool down. Many strays starve due to harsh conditions, this endeavor would help them in surviving onto some extent on their own.

  • Being Considerate

We should be considerate towards the animals and try helping them in whatever way we can.

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help strays care compassion

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