Help Making The Difference To Plant 75,000 Trees

About Making The Difference

Established in 2015, Making The Difference established in 2015 founded by Mr. Deepak Vishwakarma is an NGO formed with an aim to serve the needy. It was formed with an aim to serve the underprivileged through programs revolving around environment sustainability, free-for-all open schools, hosting menstrual health awareness workshops, ration distribution to economically weaker sections and more. The primary focus of MTD has been on Sustainable Development. Their mission lies in providing the youth with education, proper nutrition and guidance and plant more and more trees in order to live fulfilling lives. However, after the impact of COVID-19, they have also brought to attention various causes such as climate change, poverty and hunger, unemployment, and illiteracy. They now have a mission to plant 75,000 trees on Mira Road, Thane. This can be easily accomplished if we all join hands and plant one plant each. 

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Our Environment

Environment – 7 Billion people call it home. Human’s greed has been a great threat to our environment. According to a report, estimated 9 lakh premature deaths will take place by 2040 due to air pollution. Various species of animals & plants have faced extinction & majority are endangered. Lack of proper garbage disposal makes an unhygienic country of ours. Plastic is non-biodegradable & can cause pollution & deaths in our environment. Major problems like climate change, Global warming, Depletion of Ozone layer, food poisioning due to harmful pesticides & fertilizers are continuously growing.

If not you know, then who? If not now, then when?

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MTD's Vision

“I want to see the same green Earth 50 years from now as it was 50 years ago”, says Deepak Vishwakarma, President of MTD.

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MTD's Mission

To make majority of people aware about the desirable actions for our society.

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Help Them To Save Nature

Project Shoonya : The essence of this project lies in working at a grass-root level with the public and local governing bodies, and making proper waste management happen, one household at a time. Through community mobilization, they aim to replace the huge landfills and dumping grounds with greener and cleaner recycling grounds, instill a sense of waste management in all residents, and finally, prevent any further waste contamination and pollution from happening. Here’s how your donations would help.

  • Sponsor a public awareness session for the general public on segregation of waste and proper waste disposal.
  • Fund our cost of running recycling and segregation centres.
  • Employee an underprivileged person to our Project.
  • Provide the staff with safety kits containing PPE kits, gloves, masks, etc. 

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.


Enough! It’s us who need to take step to stop this. But, What do you want to change?

Making the difference has recognised these issues and are coming up with good alternatives. Following RRR strategy for sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle. Using cloth bag, public transport, proper waste disposal & planting more trees can be followed easily by us in our day to day lives. Let’s get together & encourage everyone to protect Mother nature. With a target to plant 75000 plants on Mira road in Mumbai, we cannot do it all alone. Our small steps will make a big difference. Lack of oxygen due to pollution can lead to numerous medical problems which we need to avoid. Like good income gives good education, good environment gives good health. It’s our responsibility to take initiative. Come forward & Contribute your bit now. Let’s gift a healthy & sustainable environment to our future generations.

Will you help us achieve this target?

India can wait no more. Impaac Foundation and Making the Diffrence have already started.

We’re waiting for you.


What is Impaac Foundation?

Impaac for a real dynamic Impact! An impact startup passionate about solving global challenges through social entrepreneurship! We here at Impaac serve folks to get aware about the needs of our planet. We holistically cover people, pets, plants, the environment and societal constituents. Our aim is to contribute and take a step ahead for the welfare of the society. Combining technological skills with our social responsibilities is our unique trait. Read More

We are India’s most trusted and 1000% transparent crowdfunding platform, with a vision to create a social impact. Impaac Foundation is a non-profit, technology-driven crowdfunding, social networking platform which focuses on bridging the gap between the people who are looking for help & the people who are willing to help. We are building a social community that depicts the values of social responsibility & help anyone, anywhere, anytime. We provide viable solutions to NGOs for different causes to run their system smoothly & effectively with non-profit intentions.

Why Us?

  • Truly NO Charges
  • Trust Guaranteed
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • 1000% Transparent
  • Technical Support
  • Seamless Donations

If not YOU, then WHO?

You can even donate the amount you spend on pizza. Even a single penny matters! The next time you see any animal in need on the roadside, don’t turn away and immediately report to a nearby NGO. Let’s together stand & support these selfless beings. 

Start Your Campaign!


Achieved Campaigns



Impaac Foundation has already taken a step further. Have you?

Impaac save donate save dogs superfoods

Doggylicious Superfoods

Your dogs need not just store-bought food packets but also delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals. It is equally important for them to relish on cooked delicacies so here we are with a list of top 5 food superfoods for your dogs:

  • Chicken, eggs, and fish

Yes, you heard that right dogs also need proteins like us humans and the right way to provide them with these is the inclusion of protein-rich foods like chicken, eggs, and fish. However, you do not want to give them raw food as they might cause bacterial infections, you should cook them without any added flavor and then serve it to your dog. One additional thing to take care of is to remove bones or give boneless non-vegetarian options to your dog otherwise it might cause your dog to choke or puncture his lungs or liver.

superfood health care compassion donate
  • Carrots and Kale

Carrots and Kale might sound boring but for your dogs, it is healthy and fun. Carrots are rich in fiber and vitamin A also it will be a fun activity for your dog as they try to bite the crunchy vegetable. Kale on the other hand is a nutrient-rich green vegetable that is beneficial to your dog and helps in maintaining high energy levels and a better immune system. You should keep in mind that dogs are carnivorous animals so vegetables should never be the main diet.

  • Kefir Milk

Kefir milk might be a term many of you are listening to for the very first time it is a type of milk that is very healthy and is made using fermented milk. This is very good for dogs as it contains more than 30 types of probiotics (healthy bacteria) and can even be digested by a lactose intolerant one. This helps in building immunity and in maintaining a healthy gut.

A well trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch                        He'll just make you feel so guilty that you can't enjoy it

help donate Impaac
  • Pumpkin

Pumpkins are considered the best for digestion and help in the smooth bowel movement of your dog. It also assists with skin, eye, and coat health as it is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. Pumpkins are fibrous and also help in the lessening of many diseases like gland irritations, urinary incontinence, etc. If your dog feels hungry constantly this will help him feel fuller for longer and keep his weight in check.

  • Quinoa

Quinoa is a healthy dry food that is healthy for your dog, you need to cook it before serving it to your dog and add a few flavorings like a bit of salt to reduce its bitterness. It is great to keep your dog’s cardiovascular system in check. Quinoa is packed with many essential nutrients like iron, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, etc.

care compassion help save donate

This was our list of the top 5 superfoods that your dog will adore however, every dog and the very breed has some food restrictions that might cause severe problems in pets if not followed. So, before feeding any new food to your dog you should always confirm with a vet if it will be suitable for your dog. If you start feeding random table foods to your pups they might experience diarrhea, vomiting, and even life-threatening illnesses.
You can feed your dog with nutritious food but have you thought about the many little pups that are stranded on the roads with eyes looking at you in hopes of a little food. We understand you cannot always feed these pups but we can by giving your genuine donations to the animal shelters that take care of the dogs like their own. Donate so that you can help these munchkins from the comfort of your own homes.

help strays care compassion

Top 10 Ways To Help Strays

According to a recent survey, there are around 6.2 crore stray dogs and 91 lakh stray cats in India that have been abandoned, born into it or ran away due to abusive homes. That is why India has such a huge stray problem, we might be compelled to point towards the problems that are caused by strays but how many of us have tried to look into these stray’s lives?

Every year around the world 5.5 million animals lose lives due to vehicle collisions, newly abandoned strays find it difficult to survive in the harsh environment, they do not getting proper food or water and succumb to various diseases. We as humans should have been compassionate towards these voiceless animals but we have become the ones who torture, beat and sometimes even kill them for the sake of entertainment.

Dogs- one of the most loyal animals fails to get loyalty back from its owners. They are cruelly abandoned and find it difficult to survive as they lived in comfort all their lives, they face competition from other street dogs who have been living on the streets all their life. They are bullied by children and adults alike that damage their morale, they are increasingly susceptible to diseases especially maggots. Majority of dog disease case in animal shelters is of maggots.

People turn a blind eye to the happenings and do nothing to save or protect them, at this time we meet the hero’s of the story- the ones who stand up for them and save them from such inhumane practices.  These statistics might invoke a feeling of compassion or pity in you so what can you really do to help these strays or in providing them with a more comfortable lifestyle. We urge you to become the next hero for these poor souls and therefore present you with:

‘The Top 10 Ways To Help Strays’  

help strays care compassion

He who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul.                                                 Charlie Chaplin

  • Donate to genuine sites

If you are not able to go out there and help strays you can always try donating to genuine sites that help animals in need. You can opt to pay for their medical expenses, food neccesities etc or you can also sponsor an animal. Through this if not physically you are virtually helping a being.

  • Adopt

Adopt an animal and provide it with a comfortable lifestyle. You can go to an animal shelter and adopt a pet that way you get a friend and they get a family. It is not just enough to adopt a pet you need to take proper care of it by providing it with nutriscious food, weekly vet visits and your love.

  • Rescuing Pets

Whenever you see a stray dog that’s struggling, don’t ignore these pets and try contacting the nearest stray shelter for help. The stray shelter will pick up the stray from the location and would ensure good protection and treatment of the same.

help strays care compassion
  • Regular Visits

Regularly visit animal shelters to spend some time with the strays. You can carry treats with you for the strays and spend quality time with them and let them know there are still people who care about them.

  • Working As A Volunteer

Try working at pet shelters as a volunteer during long summer breaks. This way you can look after pets and also do a noble task. Volunteering at pet shelters may ask you to feed the pets, take them for vet visits, rescue them from adverse situations or something as simple as playing with them and keeping them involved.

  • Awareness Campaigns

In India, the youth constitutes of 22 percent of the population that is approximately 261 million people even larger than the population of some countries. If the youth unites to spread a positive message, it is bound to get the attention of many. We should organize awareness campaigns about various stray issues and unite people to fight for the cause.

help strays care compassion
  • Free Aid

If you are in the position of someone like a vet or a dog food seller, you can try providing free aids weekly, monthly or on special occasions. You can help them this way and also not incur much loss.

If you liked reading this blog, do leave a comment for us as a compliment or for something you would like us to improve on.

  • Raise your Voice

There are multiple instances where people have gone the inhumane way to torture the strays. Throwing rocks on them, chasing them with sticks, attaching firecrackers to their tails, pouring boiling hot water on them are only some dehumanizing things people have indulged in. So whenever you see the voiceless being tortured you should raise your voice and stop them, eventually more people would join.

  • Food and water bowls

Keep food and water bowls in front of your house for the animals to  feed from and cool down. Many strays starve due to harsh conditions, this endeavor would help them in surviving onto some extent on their own.

  • Being Considerate

We should be considerate towards the animals and try helping them in whatever way we can.

If you liked reading this blog, do leave a comment for us as a compliment or for something you would like us to improve on.

help strays care compassion
pet parent care compassion Impaac

How To Be A Good Pet Parent

Pets are considered to be our best friends, someone very loyal, a family member, and rightfully so. They have been an inseparable part of any pet parent’s lives. However it is equally important that we know how to treat and take care of our fluffy friends. Sometimes we might end up ignoring them or not taking proper care of their needs, that doesn’t always mean that we are irresponsible or don’t love them it might be that we don’t quite know “How To”. 

Taking care of pets is not an easy job and requires one to spend their time on their pets for their well-being and health. It is not feasible to just provide them with space to live in and food, you need to take care of their other needs as well such as regular veterinary visits, play dates, walks or taking them out of their enclosures, etc, and most importantly – lots of love. 

Some points discussed herein are:

  • Comfortable space 
  • keeping them in pairs 
  • Veterinary visits
  • Rescue pets
  • Grooming
  • Love 

So we are here to help you with some instructions on

The best therapist has fur and four legs                                                                      Felix H.

Comfortable space

Provide your pets with a comfortable space, when buying or adopting pets keep in mind your living situations so that your pets have sufficient place to roam around. If you live in a small setting don’t adopt huge pets as they require more place to play. Try to keep all harmful objects out of your pet’s paws so they don’t harm themselves like open wires, sharp objects, etc.

Keep them in pairs

Try to keep them in pairs so that they don’t get separation anxiety or if you are not able to, try organizing frequent play dates and take them out on walks or try playing with them. Some breeds of dogs require an additional partner to survive or they can even die of loneliness. Try researching in depth about the kind of pet that you want to get and their habits and habitat.

pet parent impaac save care

Veterinary visits

Never disregard any weird symptoms that your pet shows, try to regularly take them on vet visits even if they are the most minute. If your pet gets hurt, is bleeding or gets scratched even take them to the doc and get them treated, provide them with timely vaccinations. Even if your pet seems fit and fine don’t skip your scheduled vet visits.

Rescue pets

Try adopting pets from NGO’s or genuine places that work towards rescuing pets. This way you ensure that they get the love and care that they deserve. These pets were either in a abusive home or got rescued from extreme conditions so instead of buying new pets try to adopt providing them a place to call home.

pet parent care compassion Impaac


Keep your pets well groomed so that they are clean and don’t invite germs or fall sick. Try taking them to pet salons to groom them, try to cut their nails, brush their teeth, give them regular baths, brush their hair gently etc. These activities keep a check on their health as well and get rid of any unknown substance on their body.


Most importantly love them endlessly, try communicating with them through gestures, teach them to obey simple commands, play with them and pamper them with affection. This goes a long way in keeping their mental sanity. Don’t make them feel abandoned or alone, make time for them from your schedule and shower them with Love.

These habits can go a long way in keeping you and your pet connected and in helping your pets in adapting to a new enviornment. If this blog helped you in any way do like, share and subscribe to keep getting such informative blogs regularly. 


Tohfa abandoned rescue mission

Tohfa- The Gift Of A Dog

Impaac started with the idea of creating an impact in our current situations in a positive way. A team of diligent people under the leadership of Mr. Pankaj Dhingra and Miss Nivedika Gupta has paved a long way of struggle for establishing this company. It aims to work for social and environmental causes and helps individuals and pets to grow up in a safe space. Since then we have helped countless organizations in rescuing, tending, and helping the strays get back on their feet. Although we have worked for many missions we still strive to provide a safe house to the munchkins that we encounter daily.

rescue dog mission Impaac

One such encounter was with Tohfa recounts our CEO Nivedika Gupta that she found freezing on the streets of Himachal, being the kind soul she is, she couldn’t leave the pup alone. She tried looking around for its owners but couldn’t find anyone. She found out the pup was starving so she immediately bought it some biscuits and fed it, later contacting a shelter 10kms away to ask for help. The shelter was closed but they agreed to take the puppy in during working days. Nivedika couldn’t shelter the puppy in her own house as she was herself on a trip to the place, so she took her back to her hotel with fear lingering that the authorities might not let the puppy in.


donate for the needy

She took the puppy with her to a restaurant near her hotel to ponder upon the poor pup’s shelter. The owner of the restaurant took interest in the pup and started playing with it, slowly forming an everlasting bond with it. Nivedika was slowly starting to find a mother figure for the pup in the kind restaurant lady, Nivedika approached her regarding the adoption of the puppy. Anita Thakur[ restaurant Lady ] immediately agreed to adopt the puppy and give it a new life thus naming it TOHFA [ the gift of God].

Everyday we come across many Tohfa’s on our way to home while they have nowhere else to go. If you come across any such dog, you can either contact the nearest pet shelter or can give a home to him|her at your abode.

For more such stories join us in this mission to spread happiness and compassion by liking and commenting on this blog and stay tuned for more. 

"    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains             unawakened."

     Anatole France  

Why Do Dogs Run Away?

Why Do Dogs Run Away?

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Are you a dog owner who is concerned about your dog running away? It is, indeed, a valid concern.

You’re most likely doing all in your power to keep them safe and happy. But, are you still wondering, ‘why does my dog run away from me?’ They may just become distracted, puzzled, or fearful of a particular situation.

You may encounter this problem when you adopt a new dog or pup. Having them run away will undoubtedly make you nervous. Is there anything you can do to help? Sure.

Understanding that point of view, here’s an article about why your dog runs away and how to avoid it.

Why Do Dogs Run Away?
Why Run Away?

It's their time to mate or your dog is afraid of something

During the height of their heat, they feel compelled to mate with the opposite sex.

In this scenario, they wait until they can rush out to find their mate. Be prepared if you have other dogs in your neighborhood or strays nearby. That is when they wait to run away from home and pounce on the other dogs to mate. It is natural, but certainly something you should look into.

The question of ‘why do dogs run away from home?’ is a familiar one. Fear is the most common reason for dogs to flee. It may be fireworks or anything else that makes them afraid. Thunderstorms affect dogs adversely too. In such situations, your pet may become disoriented and get lost.

Even if you have well-trained your pet, they are prone to flee if they are afraid. Examine the surroundings to determine what spooked them, whether specific sound, item, or person

"Dogs don't make our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

Why Do Dogs Run Away?
What Should He Choose?

They have anxiety, They don't get to go out often or it is simply frustrated

Some dogs are born anxious, while others develop it later in life. You could also notice them acting strangely, such as whimpering in the middle of the night.

If you’re wondering, “why does my dog keeps running away” it might be due to separation anxiety. If they were separated from their mother or brood when they were much older than newborn pups, they might desire to flee due to separation anxiety.

Have you ever thought that you might not be walking your dog enough? Your pet may like snuggling on his bed, but he prefers to go for walks too. It is an important aspect of their routine that you should not neglect.

They will have the temptation to run out and have fun if you don’t take them out frequently enough.

Your dog may get annoyed, anxious, or frustrated. Why? That might be because you leave them alone too frequently, tether them, or simply do not love them enough.

At the end of the day, they’re just like kids. They want your full attention, and if you don’t provide it to them, they may try to flee

Why Do Dogs Run Away?
Take Care Of Your Dogs

Credit - PawMaw

Ashay Bhave

Ashay Bhave – Making Shoes from Recycled Plastic

Ashay Bhave is taking positive steps to make way for a greener future

Recycled Shoes
Ashay Bhave With His Creation

With global brands and next-gen designers making revolutionary materials from mushrooms, pineapple fibres and recycled rubber, the footwear industry is getting a sustainable spin too. Footwear labels like Neeman’s introduced ReLive Knits, a sneaker made from 100% recycled PET bottles, Woodland launched a range of biodegradable footwear and Paadkus designs shoes made from scrap tyres. 

Now, there’s a fresh label on the block doing its bit to keep the landfills and ocean clean–Thaely. Named after the Hindi term for a plastic bag to draw the audience’s attention to the mounting plastic pollution, Thaely is a sustainable sneaker brand that makes shoes from discarded plastic. And you’d be surprised to know that its brainchild is a 22-year-old, Ashay Bhaave. 

Ashay Bhave
Meet Ashay Bhave

Born in Mumbai, and currently residing in Dubai, Ashay has always wanted to better the world and contribute to environmental welfare. Spurred by this passion, Ashay introduced an innovative solution that paved the way for a greener fashion industry. Moving closer to its goal of cutting down the plastic globally, Thaely has recycled about 36,000 plastic bags and 25,000 plastic bottles since it started production at the beginning of this year. In a chat with the young CEO and creative director, we find out more about the label. 

The Idea

ASHAY BHAVE – I started Thaely after I heard about the single-use plastic ban in India. Though the law was widely celebrated, it was never imposed in most areas. I also found out that on an average 5 trillion plastic bags are consumed each year worldwide, and 14% of plastic bags make up the biggest portion of all marine plastic waste. Despite this, there was almost no real way of entirely recycling plastic bags and I was motivated to find a solution to this problem through ThaelyTex—a fabric that looks and feels like leather but is made entirely out of waste plastic bags. 

Recycled Shoes
The Shoes

The Material

ASHAY BHAVE – We use 10 plastic bags and 12 plastic bottles for one pair of Thaely Y2K Pros. We use ThaelyTex for the upper (part of a boot or shoe above the sole) and rPET made from plastic bottles for the upper and shoelaces, recycled rubber for the sole, and vegan glue. The shoe box is plantable—it’s made from recycled paper, dyed with waste coffee grounds and has basil seeds embedded in it.

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The Main Model

The Process

ASHAY BHAVE – The production process starts with the collection, segregation and sanitation of waste plastic bags. These plastic bags are processed into ThaelyTex, which is then shipped to our shoe factory where it is assembled with other components to make the final shoe. The production process does not need any additional chemicals nor does it release any toxic chemicals as a by-product.

Recycled Shoes
The Procedure


ASHAY BHAVE – The biggest challenge we faced was right at the first step of acquiring the plastic bags. To my surprise, I found one online when I received a message on LinkedIn from TrioTap Technologies, a waste management plant in Gurgaon. They were not only interested in collecting waste plastic bags but were also willing to process it into ThaelyTex. 

What’s next for Thaely?

ASHAY BHAVE – We have a few more colours coming up and a high-top version is being prototyped. Also, we plan to launch apparel soon.

Recycled Shoes
The Final Thaely Shoes

Source - Ashay Bhave interview with ELLE Magazines

International Men's Day

International Men’s Day 2021


Donate to a men’s charity

There are lots of charities dedicated to helping men live better lives. The Gay Men’s Health Crisis helps to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and to help those who are afflicted with HIV improve their health and independence. (Despite the name, it also provides assistance to straight men). The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation helps to raise awareness of testicular cancer and highlight the importance of self-examination. And the ManKind Initiative is dedicated to helping men escape and recover from domestic violence and abuse.

International Men's Day
A Father And A Son

Learn more about lesser known influential men

Consider picking up a book or watching a movie about an exceptional man whose life and work is still making an impact on the world today. The Black American Experience tells the story of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, the second man in history (and the first black man) to perform a successful open-heart surgery. The Imitation Game is a moving and dramatic portrait of Alan Turing, the man who invented modern computing and helped end World War Two. Which influential men would you like to learn more about?

Being a male is a matter of birth, but being a man is a matter of choice. - Edwin Cole

Check in with the men in your life

Building positive relationships with men is a lofty goal, but it does have humble beginnings. Check in with your male family members and friends, and see how they’re doing. If we’re happy at home, that’s half the battle.

International Men's Day
Be A Man


It’s a day to celebrate all men

The common line that “every day is International Men’s Day” may bear some truth, but the fact is, that not all men are celebrated to the same degree. International Men’s Day reminds us that there are lots of different kinds of men in the world, and they all deserve a voice.

It’s a day for helping people

Men face a lot of pressure in society—for example, they’re expected to be providers, and to refrain from asking for help or sharing their feelings. International Men’s Day is all about addressing these problems and redefining masculinity.

Men are made to take risks and live passionately on behalf of others. - John Eldrege

It’s All About Gender Equality

Gender equality is always a worthy goal, and International Men’s Day reminds us to make a special effort to strive for positive relations across the entire gender spectrum.

International Men's Day
an old man

source - nationaltoday


Donate For Gaushalas

What is Gaushala?

Gaushala can be defined as the protective shelter for the cattle. This concept has a long history in India and dates back to 1880s. The first gaushala in India was established in Rewari in  Haryana by Rao Yudhishter Singh Yadav.  The concept has got its origin in the noble intention of protecting the cattle at their old age since Indian culture treats them equivalent to human beings and the cow is considered as the Universal Mother. The first society for the protection of cow, Gaurakshini Sabha was established in Punjab during 1882. All the Hindu rulers of erstwhile Princely states across India worshipped and protected cows and gaushalas were run by them. During later years, several trusts, societies, and NGOs working for the cause of cow protection continued the mission and established many goshalas throughout the country.

The gaushalas take care of the cows with real passion and care as most of the organizations running goshalas are with the mission of taking care of the cows with dignity and grace during the last stage of their lives. Adequate nutritious food, clean drinking water, provision for free movement in gated pastures (at least small areas), regular bathing, and cleaning, washing, and disinfection of the pens at regular intervals are the routine care provided by the gaushalas for the cattle. Apart from this, regular health check-up of the cows and treatment for ailing individuals through veterinary professionals, preventive measures against contagious diseases, etc. are made available in the gaushalas. Above all, the cows are taken care of with a team of passionate caregivers to build an emotional relationship with the cows. Playing music, talking to cows, patting or other physical expressions of compassion make them feel happy and few gaushalas practice these approaches as well.

Support And Donate

Gaushalas in India

According to a 2014 reply in the Parliament, India has about 3,030 goshalas, including  1,325 run by various animal husbandry departments of the states. Since 2014, there is a positive change towards cow protection from the government through policies and fund allocation. According to sources 5.8 billion rupees have been allocated for gaushalas by the Indian Government during 2014 -2016. Further, initiatives have been made to sustain the gaushalas by commercializing the cow urine and cow dung for various applications also have been made and partially implemented.

Smt.  Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister for Women & Child Development and renowned animal rights activist has authored a Manual for Goshalas with the standard operating procedures providing guidelines for the establishment and maintenance of gaushalas, on her individual capacity for improving the general conditions of the gaushalas.

MOOvement For Cows

Gaushalas Abroad

Gaushalas have been established abroad as well. The UK has one gaushala named New Gokul, maintained by the Hare Krishna Temple while the United States has few, such as  Gita Nagari Farm and Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, gaushala of the International Society for Cow Protection (ISCOWP) and the San Tan Valley Goshala

"The cow is of the bovine ilk; One end is moo, other milk! - Ogden Nash

What Impact Gaushalas Create?

Gaushalas facilitate prevention of cruelty against cows at the end of their life and ensure graceful exit for them. They will provide enough source of raw materials for the growing demand for by-products of cows like the urine and dung, extensively used in alternative medicine, agriculture, cosmetics, and other applications.

world mental health day

World Mental Health Day

     Many of us had to cope with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on our daily lives over the last year and a half. Fear of the unknown, loss of loved ones, loneliness, and uncertainty – all of them have a negative impact on our mental health. According to WHO, 2020-21 are the years when most people are facing mental issues.

     Having mental health issues is very common and quite normal. Yes, it’s not good for your health but it can be cured easily if done in the right way. Mental health is still considered taboo in most countries. People with mental illness are called crazy and weird. This only makes things worse for those people. That’s why, to create awareness and making mental sickness a topic that can be discussed publicly, the World Federation of Mental Health declared the 10th of October as World Mental Health Day.

world mental health day
World Mental Health Day

     Most of the time we don’t know that we are suffering from mental illness. It can be a small thing. Maybe some office stress or a quarrel at home. Every small thing happening around us affects our minds. Stress, depression, anxiety are mental sicknesses commonly found in today’s generation.

     There are some ways to keep our mind healthy just like we do for our physique. It’s like a gym for our mind; maintain it and take care of it! Here are some of them!

  1. Listening to Music
  2. Watching a Movie
  3. Gardening
  4. Reading a Book
  5. Spending time with Family and Friends
  6. Eating your Favorite Food
  7. Developing a Hobby
  8. Meditating
  9. Sharing Your Feelings
  10. Taking Help of a Councilor
mental health
Mental Health
Plastic Game

Tit For Tat Of The Plastic Game Between Humans And Environment

Impaac for a real dynamic Impact! We here at Impaac serve folks to get aware about the needs of our planet. We holistically cover people, pets, plants, environment and the societal constituents. Join in, discover more and make an impact, The Impaac Way!

There is an urgent need for plastic to be eradicated from our surroundings for it destroys the nature, harms the marine life and life on land and pollutes our environment. Plastic being degradable remains in the nature, and if consumed by stray animals is very hazardous for their health or can even cause their death. Permanent plastic removal is very crucial for the uncountable hazards it carries along such as its toxic effect on human health, spoilage of our groundwater, poisoning the balanced food chain leading to its uneven breakage, threatening the wildlife and toxic chemical additives to food and drinks.


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Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution is caused by the accumulation of all the plastic waste in the environment. Pollution caused by plastic in the environment is utmost hazardous for both life on land and water. The marine litter causes interference in the survival of marine life such as fishing nets that are continuously used to trap wildlife and waste. The intake and ingestion of plastic by  animals is dangerous beyond limits. The plastic pollution in oceans specifically can also emerge mainly from household waste which is not processed adequately. This waste which comes from several households is poorly recycled, dumped in landfills, abandoned in nature which further is carried away by the winds, pushed by rains into sewers also blocking and effecting the drainage system. This waste end up being poured into streams, rivers and finally reaching and polluting the oceans. Various natural disasters are caused by this plastic pollution only. All in all, Plastic pollution have harmful effects on all the aspects including wildlife, land, rivers, natural habitat and human life too.

Only we humans make the waste that nature can’t digest                                                                                                                                         -Charles Moore

Plastic is that polymer which was scattered by humans all over the environment. Humans are rapidly using more and more plastic materials may it be plastic polythenes, containers, boxes, cups or vending packaging, plastic was widely used everywhere. Despite of many state governments banning the use of plastic, still humans were constantly irresponsible in the usage of plastic leading to natural spoilage of the constituents of environmental factors.


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Tit for Tat

It is said that everything has a tit for tat. Humans wrapped nature into plastic by spreading plastic all over, Now it was eventually nature’s turn to give back and show its wrath which came to us humans in terms of COVID-19. Yes, Corona virus is that agent which connects the plastic game between the human and the environment.

Nature wrapped humans in plastic in the form of PPE (Personal protective equipment) kits. PPE, including goggles, face shields, masks, gloves, gowns, head and shoe covers are all made up of plastic. These add to the plastic waste in the environment which is destructive in every way.



If you do not focus on solutions, you will be just lost in the problems                                                                                                           -Sadhguru

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The 5R Formula

If one genuinely focuses all of his/her attention and energy in generating solutions to the plastic hazard in our country, then by all means we can together eradicate this menace from its roots. Some of the solutions that should be proposed further includes:-

  • 1) Eco-friendly materials such as reusable bags instead of plastic one.
  • 2) The best thing you can do is to use and carry a reusable metal bottle instead of plastic bottle which used once, go straight into the trash.
  • 3) Follow the “5-R” Formula to revolutionize the plastic problem which goes by Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regenerate and Recover.
  • 4) Making people aware and spreading the word about this problem is another step which can’t be ignored at any cost.
  • 5) Choosing products which come with less plastic packaging and making valuable green choices are one of the granted methods which lead to a lot of difference.
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Sustainable development

Remember, Getting involved as responsible citizens of our country, it is our primary duty to respect nature and not force the environment to play such hazardous games which we humans equally deserve as a result of our miserable actions. Kindly understand the need of the hour, do not take the situation lightly and work for the welfare, dignity and in harmony with nature. Together we move towards making this place a better world to live not only for us but for our future generations as well. Let them also witness the marvellous beauty of the nature and what incredible blessings it has to offer.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, We are eagerly waiting for your response and thoughts on the topic.

 Share it with others and spread the word about this. Until, we see you again, Live The Impaac Way!

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